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  1. And yeah you nailed it, the can't really tour cause of where they live, it would be crazy expensive for them, plus they're still unsigned and self-funded. Also, even if you don't like IWABO, I'd recommend their album Late For Nothing because it's literally proto-Spiritbox.
  2. I'm also curious how they do the layering live, especially for Trust Fall and Electric Cross. I think they keep just doing EPs cause they know my body can't handle a full-length.
  3. yeah Courtney is like my fave vocalist these days. Her harsh and cleans are out of this world, so is her ear for melody.
  4. Yeah Bleach Bath is sick, I can't believe it's 5 minutes long, feels like barely 3.
  5. So in love with this band. My review of the EP is up on Sputnikmusic, go check it out if you want and join the discussion there.
  6. The EP completely slays, this band is genius
  7. Thanks so much! I'm writing a review for it but I'm confused as to why it has the same title as their 2017 EP. I'm reticent to add it to the database as is.
  8. Yeah, someone please compile all 5 songs. Also, this is considered officially out, right? Is it just titled 'The Singles Collection' or 'Sb'?
  9. agreed, but there's still quite a metal community on there, the Spiritbox thread has like 120 comments for example.
  10. I'm led to conclude this EP is either titled simply 'Sb', or more likely just 'The Singles Collection' according to their official Facebook account. Kind of weird, but ok. As soon as the band issues an official statement regarding the situation, I'll have a review up on Sputnikmusic. Go check it out when it's available and participate in the Spiritbox talk.
  11. One question, how is this singles collection the self-titled when their previous EP was self-titled as well?
  12. omfg I love and appreciate you so much, been waiting for this for over a month. Full of tingles, about to hit play... THANK YOU
  13. You said words. Can you explain what they mean?
  14. Don't you mean the opposite of that haha
  15. I believe they said they would do a second pressing since the first batch sold out in like 6 hours, but don't quote me. And I'm aware it's just 1 new song, but I badly want that 1 song! I also need it to review the EP.
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