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  1. lmao what even is that album art? Jesus Christ...
  2. YESSSS was just thinking about Pharmakon. Hyped for new album.
  3. Need to hear Beast Of Darkness in 320
  4. WOW this sounds SICK. Female vocalist sounds kind of like Courtney from Spiritbox
  5. I was so sick of the sound on Dear Desolation. Feels like they're just plagiarizing their own riffs at this point
  6. WTF, just jammed their last album last night for the first time in over a year! LET'S GO
  7. wow I'm in love with that artwork. So gorgeous, have to check this later.
  8. Wow, this is super short. Well, here we go...
  9. I don't know, it sounded overtly nu-metal to me like her last song X.
  10. Yes. He had a lucrative job that was keeping him busy, but he felt Courtney and Stringer were taking over the band and 'sort of' forced them out. He has yet to do anything with the band in 4 years and there's 0 news about it. It's for the better imo, Spiritbox is better.
  11. This album is absolutely fuck-you-in-the-ass insane, can't believe no one talks about it lol. Beast of Darkness is just like STAAAHHHHPPPP, I'M ALREADY DEAD, JUST STAAAAHPPP PLZ
  12. Def check out Late For Nothing, it's great and very similar to Spiritbox. Hail Mary is fucking incredible but it's very grindcore-y so not really for everybody, but the occasional melodic stuff on it is pure Spiritbox (Your God Is Too Small, Trips, Green Eyes).
  13. I think the cleans are fine, not unenergetic at all, and I don't find the music too quiet. The harsh vocals are really rough though
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