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  1. their first album was seriously cool but the last one was generic crap, like what the hell happened. Hopefully they at least go out on a good note here
  2. yeah, cause that's why the fans rejected those albums, not because they just sucked
  3. I jammed this on the way to work. It was pretty good but it did feel like you were recycling the same arpeggio quite a lot. Not a huge problem but it stood out to me, in the future try varying up the guitar work a bit. My real criticism here is the mix. I got some really high frequencies during several bits and it hurt the experience. It almost felt like I was listening to it on full blast through a bad mini-speaker at times. If you still have the project files I would seriously consider going back and playing with the levels because it would significantly improve this. But I did enjoy it overall, and gorgeous cover. I'm curious how you progress and I'll listen to your next release.
  4. If you like this band you should check Terror In Haddonfield - S/T (2015). I just discovered them and they are fucking sick and very similar to this band, also the vocalist sounds strikingly similar. It's a deathcore/metalcore concept album about the Halloween mythos, and it sounds like Ice Nine Kills had a baby with Fit For A King. It slays and I'll be reviewing it on Sput next week.
  5. Oh SHIIIIIIT I've been looking for this album for some time. This was the shit back in the day, I didn't even know it was never released. Anyone know what happened to this band?
  6. they're not off key, they're just auto-tuned trash
  7. Very interesting, sounds completely different from what he's done before
  8. Their last album was sick so I'm excited. Thank you for this.
  9. sick band name, sick art. definitely jamming this
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