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  1. Easily better than SS and TWDA. Although it is a little short, the quality of majority of these tracks are pretty high. Even Under the Gun, which feels out of place and is the worst track here has some redeeming qualities. Disconnectome and Analogs in a Cell are the best here.
  2. It's roughly 25 minutes I believe, so about 3 minutes a song. A few songs are a little bit TNR influenced and are a bit shorter.
  3. Wow, this is so boring and uninspired. I didn't think they could get worse than their last album but I was so wrong. Matty is so deadpan and has a complete lack of emotion here. It's sad I really dug The Hollow back in the day.
  4. Revisited after 5 listens and not much has changed for me. Definitely inferior to Hollow Crown, AOG & LF//LT. Some tracks are a bore and A Waste Hymn doesn't hold a candle to Memento Mori. I was expecting a bit more, it's just a solid 6/10. Best tracks are still: Doomsday, Holy Hell, The Seventh Circle & Mortal After All.
  5. Is this fixed only for FLAC? Still having the same issue for the MP3 links.
  6. Given the circumstances, I don't think it's quite fair to say but the album is disappointing. The guitar work is much less interesting which is odd considering they gained Josh from Sylosis. There's a lot more electronics which add a nice vibe but this sounds like a stripped away AOG or LF//LT. I guess I was just expecting more. Doomsday, Holy Hell, Seventh Circle & A Wasted Hymn are the standouts. It's not bad but it's not great IMHO. Solid 6/10.
  7. Up there for AOTY with the new Daughters record. More people need to be talking about this band for sure
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