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  1. Autotune overload, and wtf is that cover.
  2. All the drama aside i'm worried, according to Danya Tim has disappeared for 2 months now with the band or anybody unable to get in touch with him or find him. I hope he's okay and I wish they'd held fire on this release.
  3. 1. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 2. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind 3. Bring Me the Horizon - amo 4. Sullii - You And Everything Blue 5. Whitechapel - The Valley 6. Holding Absence - Holding Absence 7. Tiny Moving Parts - Brethe 8.Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love 9. Northlane - Alien 10. Periphery - IV: Hail Stan Honorable Mentions While She Sleeps - SO WHAT? Killswitch Engage - Atonement Bring Me the Horizon - GO TO...EP (idk if we could vote for EP's but it's one of my favourites) Atilla - Villain
  4. Perhaps after Eddie's sexual scandal maybe they decided to keep him as just a touring musician, since *edited* has the genre of this album 'deathcore/instrumental'.
  5. Can they stop milking this guy thanks
  6. It's alright, yandhi and ye were better imo. Had some tunes though. Defo a publicity stunt though, can see right through it.
  7. @Invidious that's because it's a deluxe edition of that album
  8. I thought Dallas ended ev0lution to become a lil rapper?
  9. will smith isn't 'one of the best' rappers
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