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  1. So hyped for this album! Hevy Devy is a genius.
  2. Saw these guys live, they do NOT disappoint and this record is gonna be insane. The riffs on the singles so far are crazy!!! Thanks for this!
  3. This is about to be every whitegirl wannabe's anthem for the next year.
  4. what about crowz or their really early Ep's?
  5. I'm proud to already have every single release on this list XD still greatful for the upload!
  6. that's okay cause it comes out in 2019.
  7. love it when the second single leaks before the first is even released.
  8. This is just the label milking his death for money, shame that's what the industry is nowadays. This isn't even 20 minutes long, clearly just using his old or incomplete vocal takes to create an album. Should've been an EP at least.
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