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  1. will smith isn't 'one of the best' rappers
  2. yeah hyped for that, one of the bonus tracks was called 'Drowning in The Sound"
  3. SO excited for this album, one of the best artists in the industry.
  4. I think it'll surface when the album is officially out
  5. The stream was amazing, thanks guys! Solid fucking album.
  6. GOD DAMN IT LEAK ALREADY!!!!! Single is really good though, melodic. They're evolving deathcore the right way.
  7. So hyped for this album! Hevy Devy is a genius.
  8. Saw these guys live, they do NOT disappoint and this record is gonna be insane. The riffs on the singles so far are crazy!!! Thanks for this!
  9. This is about to be every whitegirl wannabe's anthem for the next year.
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