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  1. OH SHIT i wasn't aware of a side B let's gooo
  2. Ooo this is good, can't wait for the album!
  3. You forgot the pandora listeners smh
  4. So hyped for the album both singles are insane
  5. from twitter i thought AC/DC dropped a new song ffs
  6. AOTY, my fav band of all time so I'm biased but AOTY
  7. Gonna be real here, I was really excited for this song. Listened well over 5 times now and I really don't enjoy this. I feel it was hyped up too much and I can't help but feel some lines in the lyrics are big "fuck you"s to fans.
  8. they're ex-Galleries UK which was a melodic hardcore band, Olli Appleyard the frontman has done photography and videography for bands like Loathe, Blood Youth, Locus Eater ect.
  9. the best new down and that's a fact, this is incredible
  10. Absolutely banging album, perfection.
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