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  1. Had no idea what to expect from this, turns out I love it. I have been listening to hardcore/metal non-stop for a while, needed something different like this. Thanks for the upload.
  2. So now that I've had a few times to listen to he album, I would say it's a solid 8/10 and probably AOTY for me. Likes: -The symphonic elements are executed perfectly and add a really cool layer to the entire album -Great riffs all over the album -Their best work lyrically -Really works as a whole album, it takes you through a spectrum of emotion from start to finish, and ends on a perfect closing track in A Wasted Hymn. Dislikes: -I thought some of the singing by Carter was overbearing on some songs. He has a terrific voice and I love his vocal style, but in some spots it seemed forced. -Breakdowns were good as a whole, but uninspired in some spots. Side note, I wouldn't get too caught up in comparing this to their previous work. This is a new chapter in the band and I think Holy Hell should sort of stand on its own in their discography.
  3. Just gave it a first listen. Love it. Not perfect, but it rivals AOGHAU for me. So much raw emotion.
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