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  1. Thanks, I’m sure this is going to fucking rule
  2. Dang, Soul Sphere came out in 2015?! High hopes for this, really talented band.
  3. Had no idea what to expect from this, turns out I love it. I have been listening to hardcore/metal non-stop for a while, needed something different like this. Thanks for the upload.
  4. So now that I've had a few times to listen to he album, I would say it's a solid 8/10 and probably AOTY for me. Likes: -The symphonic elements are executed perfectly and add a really cool layer to the entire album -Great riffs all over the album -Their best work lyrically -Really works as a whole album, it takes you through a spectrum of emotion from start to finish, and ends on a perfect closing track in A Wasted Hymn. Dislikes: -I thought some of the singing by Carter was overbearing on some songs. He has a terrific voice and I love his vocal style, but in some spots it seemed forced. -Breakdowns were good as a whole, but uninspired in some spots. Side note, I wouldn't get too caught up in comparing this to their previous work. This is a new chapter in the band and I think Holy Hell should sort of stand on its own in their discography.
  5. Just gave it a first listen. Love it. Not perfect, but it rivals AOGHAU for me. So much raw emotion.
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