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  1. Thanks a lot! Track #20 is missing
  2. Thank you so much! Is this a RIP from the official cd?
  3. If you want their heaviest stuff I would even recommend Murder of the Universe over Nonagon. Still, Nonagon is my favorite.
  4. I knew this would get posted here today! I was lucky enough to get a hold on a copy of the RSD release!
  5. Thanks a lot! I have a question: from where did you get this version? (As in, this version that has the first track split into 7 parts).
  6. Thanks a lot for this! Huge fan of these guys
  7. Just listened to the Spotify version. The issue is there too. In Apple Music as well.
  8. My bad. I meant terrible mastering. Also, I don't if this is a mastering issue as well, but there's a rattling noise (I don't know how else to describe it) that starts at minute 3:50 of Till the End that goes all the way through We Won't Obey, Sickening Wars and Gie Mou, and is very hard to ignore. Its a shame because I think the album is fantastic.
  9. Loving the album but there are some audio issues starting from the song "Till the End". I have just listened to the iTunes version and its the same. Also the whole album sounds compressed af. Asides from the terrible production, I think these are some of the best songs Daron have ever put yet.
  10. Am I the only one having troubles with some of the tracks?
  11. 320 is very much appreciated, but it appears that there is some problem with the track #5 "The Asteroid Field"
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