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  1. demons is their best album. dark and heavy,the dark days can't beat that. the same is with northlane/alien,i expected to be also dark and heavy and>mesmer.
  3. sometimes a particular,but necessary thing happened in life,this is the change they needed. phil's vocals are amazingly solid. hold this level in the future.
  4. there is something distinctive in the melody in the accursed. i am hooked.
  5. the old me->'where is the old me? what happened to the old me?',almost all fans of the band are asking the same question,but obviously you think about your hair from the hollow era. watch out->'did you really think that we came to play?',no,from 2012 i know you don't want to play anymore. sell my soul->'they want me to sell my soul',you've done that already. who i am->'i'm always wrong,you're always right',yep,we want the old sound back,of course we are right. 'so maybe you should leave before i let you down again',for the third time to be specific. set for the fall/who i am>memphis may fire/who i am. heavy is the weight->i don't even want to start. grrr. over it->'i can't seem to kill it off'. you succeed.:)))) 'i'm sinking faster than before',if you continue making music like this there is nowhere left to sink. fool->'i'm such a fool' to believe you are going to impress me ever again. mark my words->'keep trying to get inside' your last three albums. you and me->the only song that's worth it. live another day->'BE THE VOICE OF THE GENERATION',ops,wrong song. all that remains/broken>memphis may fire/broken. when your album cover is better than its content.
  6. i found them through the masterpiece 'i love you'. beautiful features from ryan kirby/matty mullins here. the album have some heavy aspects/vocals. solid.
  7. so andrew tkaczyk started a new project,but the ghost inside can't do anything? strange. about one decade,i truly like this,it's sooo good. thank you.
  8. @bero,drew fulk can't save memphis may fire. @dwesk,i am not the only one disappointed in graveyard shift?
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