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  1. Dude okay it's like Oceano or After the Burial - same era bands and you can listen to their first albums and their most recent albums, and you can hear the progress and what time has done for these bands but you can also listen to the recent stuff and still tell it's the same band. Listen to old Veil's A.T.S.A. or T.C.M.C. - Hell, even Eclipse - and then listen to post-2012 Veil and it's hard to tell it's even the same band anymore, regardless of the change in vocalists - IMO.
  2. Still using clean vocals and sounds nothing like TCMC, no thanks.
  3. Interesting, I like it for the most part. Not huge on the chorus, but still, pretty good.
  4. Quality dreampop - fucking love it!
  5. I have the instrumental demos for the self-titled album if you're interested.
  6. Such a wonderful album... "A Flaw In the Iris" is to die for.
  7. Dude absolutely, thank you, I JUST left those YouTube comments with that in mind...
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