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  1. Since we have a lot of people here, make sure to check out Valiant Hearts previous album as well as Galleons, another project of VH vocalist.
  2. This is way better than I expected, loving the instrumentals here mostly.
  3. There will be more. I gave them a try earlier today and I'm amazed with how good they sound.
  4. Went only through Procedure 9, but it already sounds great. Good thing I checked them out.
  5. Check out Galleons as well, it's the vocalist's other band and they'll also release an album this year although the exact release isn't known yet.
  6. 1. Babymetal 2. Neon Graves 3. Parting Ways 4. Valleys 5. Featherweight 6. I Met A Yeti 7. Kirfex 8. Aphasia 9. Words 10. Fit For An Autopsy HM: Gideon, Norma Jean, Louvre, Counterparts Overall a really strong month with tons of underground surprise albums that I wasn't expecting at all.
  7. Almost three years late to the thread, but this is quite good, give them a try if you can guys.
  8. Kind of surprising that they released not one, but two albums in this year, but well here we go, hopefully it's good.
  9. Finally new Aphasia is posted here. I absolutely love these guys, make sure to check them out.
  10. Best song to come out this week/month. Valiant Hearts and Galleons literally never disappoint. Just as a reminder, November 15 is the release date of the new Valiant Hearts album and Galleons will be coming out this year as well if all goes well.
  11. Finally some new Mechina, I wasn't really keeping up with them, but I was legit dumbfounded when we didn't get a new album in January 2018 and 2019.
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