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  1. Not a fan of title track at all, but everything else sounds nice.
  2. At first I thought you were exaggerating, but some of the tracks really do sound worse than they should. It's quite weird and I'm not sure if getting used to it will be easy, but well, it's still a great album anyways.
  3. Check out their previous album as well guys.
  4. >that band name at least the music isn't that bad...
  5. Didn't they release the exact same EP in 2015?
  6. Don't sleep on it guys, this slaps hard.
  7. Well uh, that was interesting. In Your Life was definitely the most ear raping song of the album. Unless I missed something even more extreme.
  8. Just checking out the single for now, but it sounds nice.
  9. Nice, I've been waiting for it quite a while now.
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