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  1. That was quite unexpected. Thank you for the early leak.
  2. Horrible album art, but at least the music is good.
  3. I'm not sure about their debut album, but this one sounds good enough for me.
  4. This is a different Tethra, right?
  5. Haven't heard good melodic death metal in a while, this band is great.
  6. The song Ghost is straight fire.
  7. I kept my expectations low, but this actually sounds quite good, I'm definitely surprised.
  8. It's quite good, I'm actually surprised I only noticed this posted now.
  9. That single sounds nice, definitely gonna check it out.
  10. Ok, this single is fire.
  11. This is probably gonna get buried underneath all the Invent Animate hype but this band is legitimately good and deserves way more attention.
  12. 1. Polaris 2. Instilled In Me 3. Dream Escape 4. Sortout 5. Krosis 6. Dealer 7. Saving Vice 8. Our Mirage 9. Loathe 10. Bird Problems/Patient Sixty-Seven Honestly it's kinda unbelievable just how strong February was for core music in general. I think I've been most surprised by Instilled In Me and Sortout this time around, these two bands came out of nowhere and took me on a wild ride. Loathe, Polaris and Krosis were as good as I expected, but I didn't find much value in replaying Loathe's album compared to the other releases on the list and I'm not quite sure why.
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