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  1. vibessss man, nothing but vibes, can't wait for the full length
  2. Pretty sure Citizen could do a cover album of the backstreet boys and it still be amazing....this is great. stuff
  3. i've never been a big fan of yela but i dig this....uhm i noticed its like partially edited? whats up with that? great album though
  4. lol, i love this....i thought lemon drop was featuring the red hot chili peppers, lots of talent.
  5. awesome stuff, heard of these guys but never took the time to listen, really enjoyable indie stuff
  6. love it! Emarosa did it again!
  7. god this great, i wish they would have been funnier with the album title so you'd know its a cover album...like the cover album...i dunno i just think when you think of weezer and color albums you think of vintage weezer and not a cover record, regardless anything weezer is always welcome!
  8. i've been waiting so long for new stuff from these guys. go check out all of their stuff....AMAZING...having said that...this song....im not an enormous fan after first listen
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