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  1. Thank you! Really happy to have new SW music to listen too!
  2. Best Geoff has sounded in years. I really like the 3 songs they have released. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this album
  3. Thanks for the share. Looking forward to listening to this one.
  4. Really enjoying this iteration of the band. Todd seems to be finding his place with the band and isn't just a Geoff Tate clone. In my opinion, this album is best of the Todd lead albums.
  5. Any chance you will be getting the bonus disk? Really enjoying this album! Thanks again for share!
  6. Thanks for Xero, had it at one time and lost it. Have it again!
  7. Fantastic Band. Didnt even know about this one! Thanks!
  8. Bump! Hoping this one can get a re-upload. Thanks in advance
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