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  1. The intro reminds me of Attilas public apology tbh
  2. I think they just did a couple one-offs for this record.
  3. The story behind the EP is pretty stand-out. It's also hard to find bands that don't force themselves to be "heavy".
  4. Heck yeah brotha! They're on tour with secrets as of today. Starting out, tonight they're in San Diego
  5. I've heard bad things, but this is the only group on victory that I listen to. This is also my favorite 💗
  6. I was skeptical about them changing the members so much, but this EP has taken a warm place in my heart already 💗
  7. So for a backstory. The elder lady that hit Connor, was trying to take her own life and instead, took Connors.
  8. They are also going om tour next week. Check their FB page for dates (:
  9. It's best he's not in the group. Trust me. I miss his vocals there as well, but he couldn't stay. He's doing solo music. He will release it sooner or later, and lemme say, I love it.
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