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  1. This band is so done, fuck them all for staying quiet.
  2. @ggl3dde Oh definitely, I think they should've saved at least Poverty of Self and Second Skin for the album cause they gave me the wrong idea of it, which is fine cause I love me some cleans and softer work. But this feels shallow and uninspired? I don't know, I am happy the rest are enjoying it though.
  3. It's a good album but I can't deny i'm disappointed and got bored fast. Their last EP was so dark and incredible and I expected more.
  4. Anyone knows if this artist has a twitter? Checked out the EP on spotify and it's lovely. Deserves some love for sure
  5. she belongs in the streets
  6. Gonna buy this album so I can help Milk get laid
  7. Interesting name and album cover
  8. These guys deserve the attention, they're amazing
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