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  1. Mixed feelings about this album, first half of "Divisons" is amazing, Telekinetic is one of their best songs overall, but then... Faultline sounds like Imagine Dragons song, Waking Up is really boring. I hoped that this will be my AOTY, but its surely not. 7/10
  2. The worst of all released singles, but still a solid song. I am not a fan of a chorus.
  3. In my opinion its worse album than The Serenity of Suffering and better than The Paradigm Shift. Idiosyncrasy and Finally Free are my favorite songs. 8/10
  4. AOTY for me, 7empest is my new favorite Tool song , incredible track
  5. Amazing album! Only Periphery's new album tops it. My personal TOP 5 in 2019 for now. 1. Periphery - Hail Stan 2. Northlane - Alien 3. Whitechapel - The Valley 4. Oh, Sleeper - Bloodied/Unbowed 5. Demon Hunter - War
  6. The worst Hands Like Houses album, really big dissapointment. I really like two songs: No Man's Land and Tilt. Overthinking and Black are alright and the rest is weak to me.
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