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  1. In my opinion this album/EP? is better than Amo and Thats The Spirit but worse than Sempiternal. My favorite songs are Dear Diary and Kingslayer. 8/10 for me, return to form after last release.
  2. Amazing album, one of my favourites this year, maybe even AOTY contender. This Feels Like The End and Can You Afford To Be An Individual? are the best tracks in my opinion. Well done NBT!
  3. Wired is the best song from this EP. Space and The Water are solid, not a fan of Dangerous and Stranger. 6/10.
  4. Album of the year! No competion, flawless record! 10/10
  5. Fucking amazing song, way better than OHMS. Really looking forward to new album.
  6. Deftones - Genesis out on September 18th.
  7. WOW! This is a fucking banger! My favourite of 3 new singles. Great song!
  8. It's a grower, really like it after a good amount of listens. 8/10
  9. What happened to "Heavier"? This new version sounds weird, not a fan of that one. Overall good album, 8/10
  10. New Sevendust? Thats a really nice suprise, this single is great, cant wait for a new album
  11. Lyrics are really bad, song is alright but i prefer previous singles.
  12. Worse than "Is Everybody Going Crazy?" but still a solid song. I feel strong The Killers vibe which is not a bad thing.
  13. Slaves 6th single "Like I Do" out June 26th
  14. Slaves 5th single "Wasting My Youth" out May 29th.
  15. Jonny is a really shitty person but his voice is fucking amazing... Good EP.
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