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  1. New Sevendust? Thats a really nice suprise, this single is great, cant wait for a new album
  2. Lyrics are really bad, song is alright but i prefer previous singles.
  3. Worse than "Is Everybody Going Crazy?" but still a solid song. I feel strong The Killers vibe which is not a bad thing.
  4. Slaves 6th single "Like I Do" out June 26th
  5. Slaves 5th single "Wasting My Youth" out May 29th.
  6. Jonny is a really shitty person but his voice is fucking amazing... Good EP.
  7. Solid album, sounds like their previous LP "It Comes and Goes" which is not a bad thing. 7/10 Favorite songs: Explict, December and Who We Are
  8. Another great song! I hope that new album will be released very soon
  9. What a great song! Nothing but Thieves is so underrated, they deserve much more attention and popularity.
  10. Amazing song! The Sin and the Sentence was my AOTY in 2017 so i am really looking forward to a new album!
  11. Amazing song! Cant wait for a new album
  12. Love this song, Matt was a great choice, he is a really good singer.
  13. This album is really... weird. Some tracks are great (SOS, @tddybear, Upperdrugs or Snow White) but there are few really bad songs like Fly or The Silk Road. Overall its a solid album, better than i expected, but nowhere near as good as previous albums.
  14. Amazing album, one of my favourites from 2019, 9/10.
  15. Mixed feelings about this album, first half of "Divisons" is amazing, Telekinetic is one of their best songs overall, but then... Faultline sounds like Imagine Dragons song, Waking Up is really boring. I hoped that this will be my AOTY, but its surely not. 7/10
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