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  1. I love it, more of a restoring force vibe for me but Defy was not as bad as people say it was. A lot heavier on multiple listens ESPECIALLY compared to Cold World, anyways love th direction and hope the new album has more songs like this
  2. Personally I felt Mayday Parade should have been in the voting because Sunnyland was amazing. Personally I felt Mayday Parade should have been in the voting because Sunnyland was amazing.
  3. Solid Album, been giving it quite a few listens. Features are on point too, we got a quality Gambino verse which I've been waiting for some rap from him. Personal Highlights: A Lot, Monster, 1.5, All My Friends, and Ball w/o you.
  4. My vote would be Vince Staples - FM!
  5. the acoustic version of It's Hard to Be Religious was amazing!
  6. This album is amazing, been listening to it on repeat for a couple days. Love the radio concept on the album and the production is on point. Great lyrics too. Don't Get Chipped, Relay and FUN! are my faves and that Earl snippet has me dying for more
  7. I like it, pretty unique and I actaully don't mind the claps lmao
  8. The more solo stuff he releases the more i realize he is actually the worst out of the three, the takeoff and offset albums are going to be leagues better than this based on their lyrical talent over quavo alone.
  9. I don't know if this will have the same radio appeal as Blurryface, I get what you mean though. Luckily my favorite part of blurryface (the second half) didn't get as much attention
  10. When it comes to albums one of my favorite features is when you're able to listen cover to cover and the production is seamless. This album blew me away because every album I view in it's own light. I don't care if it doesn't compare to blurryface and vessell, every album is it's own thing. If it's good music it's good music, it doesn't matter how they compare to past releases each album. My favorite song BY FAR is The Hype, been blasting and screaming it since release. Other highlists for me are Chlorine, Morph, My Blood and Pet Cheetah, love the entire album though. 9/10
  11. I had never listened to With Confidence until two weeks ago and I was blown away by their new album, WSTR was great as well. However, MAc Miller's album was spectacular and it will get my vote everytime
  12. The production in hip hop in general over this year has been wonderful and this album continues the trend! Bas killed this with some bangers but also some heartfelt songs. Stand Outs to me are Purge (<- my favorite hip hop song of the year), Tribe (feat. J.Cole), Barack Obama Special, and Designer
  13. I love this song! Very hyped for the album although I have a very different litmus test than the rest of you for releases it seems lmao
  14. Absolutely jaw dropping! Mac never fails to impress me. I'm loving the funky vibes
  15. Wow, well slap me sideways and call me sally I was NOT expecting this
  16. I think one thing people are failing to realize on the quality aspect of these songs is that they were leaked, Caleb and Beartooth just went with it and were like alright might as well since there really is no turning back. Actual and purposeful release might make these sound much different
  17. If this is the wave GOOD music is riding this summer I need EVERYONE in the studio recording albums, we still have Kids See Ghosts and Nas' album on the way, Ghost Town is other worldly and the whole album is a masterpiece with it's producing
  18. Every song goes hard, and the ability for the beats to intertwine with each other the way they do is masterful, 9/10 for me been missing Pusha
  19. Holy Shit, this album is going to be amazing!!
  20. To be fair this is a three disc release technically. It's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below except with a joint album along with it. (<- Was not a statement on quality, just addressing the comments on the long track list)
  21. What a great song! Quality release from a more than quality band!
  22. Wow, Posty blew this one out of the water, definitely worth the push back as I'm jamming to all 18 songs right now now skips
  23. If i listen to this and don't feel like Jack Sparrow on the black pearl I'm gonna be so disappointed. If only it wasn't raining today, I could listen while cruising the asphalt sea.
  24. 2018 is going to be a very important year for hip-hop, J. Cole is just the start and he hit a grand slam out of the park. Personal Favs: KOD, The Cut Off, Motiv8, FRIENDS
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