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  1. lame-brain take, the people who come forward with these allegations do it knowing full well the implications this has on their life, especially if you're ingrained in the scene, i'm not going to discredit three individual accounts over an empty statement support other, better charlotte bands, like funeral chic and clearbody
  2. shit hard, vocals are massive, tone is sick, riffs r good
  3. thou collab with ronald radke 2020 challenge
  4. as much as i enjoy the metallic passages, they don't really blend the two sounds as well as i'd like, but the crescendo with the violin over the guitar is like, peak respire
  5. architects experimenting? cool architects doing the absolute bare minimum for their songwriting? jesus fucking christ this is boring as helllllllllllllllllll
  6. damn that's tight as fuck
  7. @ this thread in general, i do not understand the amount of mental gymnastics some of you will go through to consume shitty deathcore
  8. their vocalist videoed himself fucking his drugged-out-of-her-mind girlfriend he went on to make a statement and say it was ok because he was just as inebriated, trying to excuse what he did
  9. fucks hard, cool mood changes, great pacing, fantastic followup to phanero I great album
  10. this is garbage poopy and i have written this band off for the remainder of their career please do not disturb me until ryan kirby talks about becoming a much more noise rock band thanks
  11. exquisite corpse re-record or just a compilation?
  12. where im from we call this da big nasty fuckin sick
  13. im in a similar boat, i don't think i've ever liked a single record they've put out on first listen, the only one i really adore is saturday night wrist and that took like three tries i can respect them and their influence and their unique sound, but this just doesn't do much for me
  14. definitely is father's son limbs, the song is alright but i still think their album blows their newer stuff out of the water
  15. some of the better stoner psych to come out recently
  16. u guys ever heard 2014 core go crunch crunch
  17. oh yo! hey tre! didn't realize you were on here i actually just showed alex that it leaked lol
  18. found these guys over last summer, favorited a song, went back to it the following november this album is fucking insane and im impressed out how solid the quality is for such a small band
  19. oh that's fuckin neat i like that
  20. no it just needs to be good and this isnt
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