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  1. hot damn the harsh vox on these tracks are sick
  2. i am the #1 chamber jerker i know of, my opinion is supreme new song? rips seven inch songs? still rip but the re recorded material? not as great as the original ep imo, i think that music was shaped around their old beast of a vocalist. jacob's a solid vocalist and a great replacement, but it definitely feels off and im not a huge fan of the random pace changes they have here and there all in all i am suuuuuuper excited for a true, completely original lp from them
  3. im here to tell you the album art was made in powerpoint
  4. it's pretty good despite being a bit formulaic, the whole "stop the vocals and get real floaty and ambient with the music and come back harder" approach is one i enjoy but not on every other track lmao 6/10
  6. agree the mix is meh and the track feels bland compared to their other stuff, although the latter half is definitely more enjoyable and i look forward to more
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