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  1. might go as far to say that this is their best song, this is massive
  2. i like silent planet and this isnt a bad song im just kinda bored of the wteb song structure
  3. actually quite enjoyed it, probably more than their debut, still very caveman-y and still very leeched but it wasn't nearly as one note in my opinion
  4. they have always had a heavy deftones influence lol
  5. think this one might be the most traditionally norma jean out of the four, absolutely bangs though, that tone still blows my mind
  6. i am absolutely 100% making a stupid joke but w/e i love the song
  7. tdwp: "we didnt give jeremy much singing to do on transit blues because we wanted to step away from the verse chorus verse structure we had for a while" also tdwp:
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