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  1. some of the better stoner psych to come out recently
  2. u guys ever heard 2014 core go crunch crunch
  3. oh yo! hey tre! didn't realize you were on here i actually just showed alex that it leaked lol
  4. found these guys over last summer, favorited a song, went back to it the following november this album is fucking insane and im impressed out how solid the quality is for such a small band
  5. oh that's fuckin neat i like that
  6. no it just needs to be good and this isnt
  7. im like three tracks in and this really just sounds dated as fuck, like some progcore record coming outta 2014/15 and christ that chorus on bones reeks of butt rock lmfao
  8. members of black matter device and infant island don't let the admittedly bad album art fool u this shit poppin'
  9. ok but why is the audio balanced to the right lmfao
  10. great album, didnt expect them to tend towards the subdued sound of killing spree, but it's super cool
  11. D E C A Y I N W I T H T H E B O Y S
  12. i saw them live with holy fawn and covet they are good
  13. ???
  14. it's ok, their last one was better
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