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  1. Fair enough. Trivium is a band that you either highly enjoy or just don't fully get, so I understand that! Also, I edited my initial comment in case you didn't see that lol
  2. I didn't bother to read through the other comments so I don't know what other people have suggested BUT 1.) Listen to Trivium's new Record. It's pretty damn good. 2.) August Burns Red had a great release this year too imo BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY If you have not listened to The Way It Ends by Currents, DO IT NOW. Especially if you enjoyed Bury Tomorrow's and The Ghost Inside's release! ***EDIT*** Also, From Ashes to New's recent album wasn't half bad if you haven't heard that yet.
  3. Admittedly, yeah it does seem pretty metal in a way or two. Although you can REALLY tell someone cheaply cut off a part of a topless picture of him and cropped it to fit the knight lmao. Look at the shoulders, it's VERY obviously cropped in and not very well either lmao.
  4. You sound more pretentious than the fanbase you refer to tbh. And I'm not a fan of Tom honestly. Just not a fan. But wow you sound like an asshat XD
  5. I will throw out a BIG agree on this. This album is sooo fucking good. One of the few 2018 albums that is still in regular rotation for me
  6. I can't decide whether this is horrifying or beautiful
  7. Whichever single it was, I really don't remember which one, I absolutely adored - that song was so super good and I was ready for this album, but the next 2 singles were really...not nearly as good I guess I'll say. I've seen lots of good things about a few of the non-single tracks tho, so I'll definitely still give the album a spin and am excited to do so. But am I the only one who though the singles overall were pretty lackluster?
  8. makes sense. But with AA, if they go, I'll just say "Took Long Enough" and then leave it alone. If they still got it, they certainly ain't showing us jack diddly shit to prove it. In which, I refuse to believe they do unless they show us. And if they produce something decent in the old style again, cool - at least it's listenable instead of whatever trash this album was. This entire album was regurgitated radio butt rock. Even generic and boring core albums are things I can listen to sometimes because it's core and I love core - but whatever nonsense Like a House On Fire was is just not worth another listen again. Ever.
  9. Holy fuck this is filthy. As absurd as describing music as "thicc" is, it a very accurate description for this song
  10. So hype for this album. Also - this shit goes way harder than I was expecting. Holy shit.
  11. 1.) Trivium - What the Dead Men Say 2.) August Burns Red - Guardians 3.) Red - Declaration Also, there's two options for Trivium here.......
  12. Super hype for this record now that it's confirmed!
  13. Man this song got me all up in the feels I didn't know the drummer had lost his leg either until I watched the video and that broke me as a drummer myself.
  14. I’m 100% down for this! I’m primarily on YouTube Music so that’s be best for me but I’d be open to Download Spotify specifically for these playlists! Just started a new group on Facebook with a few friends that’s grown a bit already, and this would be PERFECT for helping to promote new music to members there as well! These different categories are perfect imo
  15. After Hours by The Weeknd is an easy win for me here. Not a fan of him overall, but this album hits me hard in more ways than I can count or begin to describe after everything with my ex, and God damn it, Abel brought the album in hot and it is phenomenal. I loved Silverstein as well, but The Weeknd hit me hard And I gotta give After Hours EXTRA props because it's an album from an artist that I wouldn't even say I'm a fan of - the album is just so...emotional and good.
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