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  1. Forgive me if this isn’t allowed, but I’d also like to add the newest single released within the past hours titled “Panspermia” too if possible. thanks!
  2. Ironically listening to this record right now when I noticed your post haha
  3. Thanks dude! I've actually been on a HUGE deathcore streak recently (in fact, checking out new Call of Charon right now), so I'll definitely check this out!!
  4. Holy fuck was not expecting something this good. Definitely highly enjoyed this lol.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for the discography by instrumental Prog Metal/Djent artist Andromida in 320 if possible (3 EPs, 2 Albums, and 3 Singles Specifically) - Celestial [EP] (2016) - The Void (2017) - Voyager (2018) - More Than Human [EP] (2019) - Soulseeker [EP] (2019) - Dissimulation (Single) (2019) - Dimensions (Single) (2019) - Universal (Single) (2019) This is the link to his Bandcamp: https://andromida.bandcamp.com/music Let me know also if I need to do anything different when I submit one of these requests lmao I don't know anything yet XD
  6. Lol literally JUST saw on Facebook my man Roman Gutierrez (the sole musician of the artist Andromida) post about this haha. Download.
  7. Check out John Waller if you like Chris Tomlin! He's my personal favorite Contemporary Christian artist! I voted Pop-Punk. I'm definitely happy with the balance of genres as it is right now tho haha, and I absolutely adore a lot of core music, but since I do already see a lot of that, I feel it would be unfair to just say "ONLY CORE ON KL REEEEEE", but since I love my healthy dosage of pop-punk too, that's my vote!
  8. This just a release for now. They will be releasing a full new album I believe in spring of 2020. I may be wrong, but I know RED7 is planned for a 2020 release.
  9. Chorus gives me mad Architects vibes at times and J’s uncleans are SOO filthy!! I was eh about the screams in Bloody Nose, but these screams are so good!! I hope the rest of the record for the most part features these heavy metal influences cuz my favorite HU songs for the most part are the heaviest ones
  10. True. I listened to the original album again like 4 times in a week last month, but now I'm waiting to give it another go until The Final Cut just because haha
  11. @HeistMonkey121 Dude just got to listen to the album today, and oh my FUCK this is brilliant!! There isn't necessarily a whole lot of "unique"ness or "creativity" as most people would use the term in metalcore these days, but Disarray definitely sets itself a step away from the generic pack, and it was something I highly highly enjoyed and will recommend to my fellow friends!!!
  12. I'm just gonna throw it out there and say I straight refuse to listen to this right now lol, otherwise the entire point of me waiting the Final Cut is wasted haha. Yeah I want the acoustics and stuff, but even I'm refusing to listen to those because I want to experience them all together with the original album as well. Just me tho. Super ecited for this and super happy with it, but I'm not listening. YET.
  13. Well Ulta Ulla had some of my favorite deathcore songs in existence, but overall I disliked the album (yeah, I don't like their albums, but some of the songs are PHENOMENAL), so I hope to find at least another song or two on here to rank among the best, while expecting the rest to not do anything for me lmao
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