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  1. Will do, my man! Thanks for the rec!
  2. But also remember. The past couple albums, Skillet releases the radio-friendly and "meh" songs as singles, but the gems are hidden in the non-singles.
  3. Fun fact, I never listened to Linkin Park before Chester died. And never once did I ever shit on anything they released except A Thousand Suns, and even then, I never "shit" on it. Lackluster, maybe. Bad? No. OML is my favorite LP album. I can get hate to the moon and back but that will never change the fact that it's my favorite one.
  4. I want all of the B-sides in better quality lol. I'm diseased from the Beartooth low-quality scandal XDXDXD Jkjkjk, I'm super excited to check this out
  5. Shitty? Maybe, but not to most of us. Christian? Yes, is that a problem? Ripped off SITS cover? Ha. This has been their album-cover theme for over a decade.
  6. I wish I could say I had it lol but I don't sadly. Wish I did tho
  7. That's the best time to do it is when people want HD and are missing shit. I love it. Now I have the unreleased tracks from 2006, Christmas in Hollywood and the original tracks from Desperate Measures I didn't have.
  8. Yeah I do love your Orange dude! That's great! And yeah I was missing alittle bit haha. Hellion6 hooked me up with most of it a couple months ago but I think this is amazing haha
  9. I love HU dude but this makes me happy. I actually didn't have about 6 of their songs. (out of the whole discog, man it's so close but so far, so I'm fucking getting them dammit)
  10. Late to the show but it's great! I'm excited for a full length album!
  11. See if was much more active, no doubt I'd apply for staff.
  12. I totally would. If I could be more active and new what I was doing in finding leaks haha. So I vote yes, but you really shouldn't put me on staff. Ain't a good idea lmao
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