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  1. Shitty? Maybe, but not to most of us. Christian? Yes, is that a problem? Ripped off SITS cover? Ha. This has been their album-cover theme for over a decade.
  2. I wish I could say I had it lol but I don't sadly. Wish I did tho
  3. That's the best time to do it is when people want HD and are missing shit. I love it. Now I have the unreleased tracks from 2006, Christmas in Hollywood and the original tracks from Desperate Measures I didn't have.
  4. Yeah I do love your Orange dude! That's great! And yeah I was missing alittle bit haha. Hellion6 hooked me up with most of it a couple months ago but I think this is amazing haha
  5. I love HU dude but this makes me happy. I actually didn't have about 6 of their songs. (out of the whole discog, man it's so close but so far, so I'm fucking getting them dammit)
  6. Late to the show but it's great! I'm excited for a full length album!
  7. See if was much more active, no doubt I'd apply for staff.
  8. I totally would. If I could be more active and new what I was doing in finding leaks haha. So I vote yes, but you really shouldn't put me on staff. Ain't a good idea lmao
  9. Yeah but this singer was their original vocalist who left because he didn't have enough time to tour with a band. He recorded vocals for Outline in Color (2010 EP) and it was also fantastic. Love the band as a Whole tho.
  10. Not the same type of Metalcore as their other full lengths, but very reminiscent of their self-titled EP back in 2010, and I'm so glad that that original vocalist is back. Both of them were fantastic, but this album might be one of their best because of what he can bring to the board. 9/10. The only thing I didn't really like was the ending of Dissolve, the final track. It didn't feel like it should've been the album closer, but other than that, absolutely no complaints whatsoever.
    I'm working on a huge project right now. I'm not quite done with the whole story yet but I'm piecing together the concepts and writing everything down so I don't forget everything.
    ALSO! Don't forget to drop me any questions!! I'll be answering some of them! (The ones that I do not answer will likely be because it's information that I cannot disclose or am unwilling to disclose at the time of asking)
    The name of this whole project will likely be "Silent Rain".
    There will 17 total releases. (Thus far, that's the plan).
    - 6 books
    - 6 albums
    - 3 games
    - 2 films.
    The albums will be written and released under two different band names, Out of Embers, and Ex Nihilo.
    The books will be written by myself and another man I know very very well and am proud to call worthy of leading this project beside me, and the concepts for the games and films will be created by those two same people, and the frontmen of the bands will be those two also.
    --Books: Action-adventure mostly, maybe hybrid some mystery and random horror elements in.
    --Music: Heavy metal, metalcore, heavy rock, and symphonic rock influences.
    --Films: Action (not altogether certain how to clarify film types, so for now that's what they are)
    --Games: Most likely Open-world discovery and adventure games (think, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, etc.)
    1. Daniel_Defoe


      @Hellion6 Thought you might be interested to see this.


  12. I agree. Last effort was good. The Vicious Cycle EP from 2017 was pretty good and I enjoyed it, but holy damn this album is leagues ahead of that. The melodies and clean vocals on this album are amazing and didn't appear nearly as often on the previous one.
  13. No it is because it isn't actually listed. There is the final track, which ends at that 4 minute mark or so, and then it is silent for a few minutes, followed by the beginning of the "hidden track".
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