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  1. I'll wait till 320. But seriously, tho, if you think this is better than Architects, even I think you're crazy.
  2. Yeah for sure. Like seriously, they're dead. Stop. Even if they wanted to release the music, it seems almost disrespectful to do so. Now if X had died a few days prior to this single and album announcement, then go ahead, but nothing more, but wow.
  3. Can I just ask why people keep trying to make money off of dead people's (rappers in particular) music? Seriously. This dude and Lil Peep are dead. Let the dead rest in peace.
  4. I love this album. Didn't particularly like Evolve, but I really like this. only 2 songs on the whole thing that I "didn't like".
  5. Can I just admit that this album cover makes me uncomfortable? lmao. Looking forward to giving this a shot!
  6. Vocals (especially uncleans) are unique, but this is a really good release!
  7. I'll admit, I was starting to get annoyed by all the people who just would not shut up about this album before it's release, like "Shut up, it'll leak when it'll leak". I understand now at least a little of why people were so excited. It's not quite as good as almost everybody is making it out to be; I'll give this a pretty solid "Well Above Average" 8.5/10. It really is good and feels personal, but just couldn't quite reach the mark of "Incredibly Outstanding" or "perfection" for me like it did for many others. I love it. Not my AOTY, but I still love it.
  8. Trivium's cover of Losing My Religion is better lmfao Jk, I haven't lsitened to this yet so I don't know
  9. I didn't like the vocals either. Couldn't pass a couple songs in because of it sadly ;(
  10. I didn't catch the curses! Where are they just so I know? lol
  11. Yeah dude if the target version just had this song as a Bonus track on the hard copy itself, then it would've been so cool. I'm really enjoying this tho surprisingly, despite the low quality.
  12. And then there's me and I just wanna know why it wasn't added! lol. Why replace a song when you can just add it on?
  13. It is a B-side that was sent out to people who purchased the physical copy of the album from Target.
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