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  1. Picture in the house was 3 years ago. Picture in the tent was just a few months ago. Don’t have anything more recent 😬 @Zephyr Sunrise
  2. @Zephyr Sunrise Message me on Facebook at some point to remind me to post an updated one of me here since I don't feel like using my shitty computer camera this time - I can use my phone when I have it with me lmao
  3. Really depends. I was certain that V would have deluxe edition tracks, not a separate EP release over a year later, but I'm so down for something like tho haha.
  4. Hell yeah borther It is hella short. But in just a few months, New Empire, Vol. 2 will be released with another 9+ tracks on it, equaling 18+ tracks total, and also being comparable to previous albums WITH deluxe editions AND iTunes/Best Buy exclusives in terms of track counts.
  5. I STILL haven't listened to half of these when I know I REALLY need to...so I voted for Em because he's the one I've listened to and really enjoyed so far from January.
  6. We Came as Romans was I think the second metalcore act I really got into besides Crown the Empire, and god damn it, I really miss Kyle. The world will never hear and see a man such a him. I hope he and Chester and Paul Gray are wishing Neil Peart a beautiful welcome in Heaven
  7. Dayseeker did good with Sleeptalk although I much prefer their previous release over Sleeptalk personally. Same with Northlane; Alien was pretty good but several of their previous releases were superior in my opinion. I just straight up did not enjoy amo, save for a song or two, and Slipknot's was great to me overall. It was only like...#8 I think on my Top 10, but of the 4 here, it was definitely my favorite. Great competition. I think this type of system for AOTY voting should be utilized for years to come. It turned out getting a much more centralized result imo.
  8. Hell yeah! I really enjoyed the original when it released; thank you for this!
  9. Never listened to Rush much - not a fan of the style a whole from what I've heard of course, but I might check out some stuff. I always found Neil Peart and Rush as a whole to be a tiny bit overrated in my personal opinion, but I cannot and will not ever deny the impact that Neil, Rush, and the talents associated with them had on the world as well as the music industry, including many of the people that I idolize. Most of those people idolized Neil, and I will never discount that. Such a phenomenal man and talent that we lost to cancer like so many others. RIP Neil; say hello to Vinnie Paul for us, and may your soul live on forever with this music!
  10. My First vocal cover of Linkin Park's Invisible is up on YouTube right now! Go check it out!



    1. Zephyr Sunrise

      Zephyr Sunrise

      Proud of you bro :) keep up the hard work and it'll pay off big time in the end. Subscribed to ya :) much love buddy. Good luck with the channel

    2. Daniel_Defoe


      Thank you so much dude! I'm really happy with this cover except that my voice is really "meh" cuz I'm still sick, but I can't wait for more Drum and Vocal Covers to go up! 

  11. My favorite December release was probably Auralist - Between the Devil and the Sea. By far the best end-of-the-year release, and one of the better releases from the final 2019 quarter imo. Not a whole lot of really good stuff came out in December tho.
  12. 1.) Fit For an Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts (My favorite deathcore album ever) 2.) Periphery - Periphery IV: HAIL STAN (God DAMN I have never been able to replay an album literally 6 times in a row and not get sick of it. I listened to this about 20 time in one week a few months back.....still not old.) 3.) NF - The Search (Nate's best work to date EASILY. Super fucking solid record, and really packs a punch to me emotionally.) **DISCLAIMER** none of my top three are better than the others. They are all COMPLETELY different genres and I didn't want to separate these apart. 4.) I Prevail - TRAUMA (Hated this album at first. Eventually it grew on me and now I can't forget the emotional impact it has had. It means a lot more than I ever expected.) 5.) Shadow of Intent - Melancholy (Deathcore at it's finest, not counting my #1 pick.) 6.) The Raven Age - Conspiracy (Catchy af, and although not as lengthy as 2017's record, this record is much easier to come back to) 7.) Wolves At The Gate - Eclipse (Catchy and fantastic -- I'm salty I didn't hear it until just a week ago) 8.) Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind (My favorite band, and this album Slaps, but .5 was the better album of the decade imo. This one had some moments that really turned me off. Not a let-down per se, but didn't hit as heavy as I was hyped for -- still super good and very emotionally punching for me tho) 9.) Whitechapel - The Valley (Definitely not my favorite 2019 album, but this ranks higher just because it FINALLY opened me up to deathcore as a genre, but is still really solid.) 10.) Busted - Half Way There (First off, Cobus drums on here, and GOD I love him. Second....this is a hugely beautiful album for me despite never listening to Busted before. Don't know why I love it so much -- I just do.) Now I'll have Honorable mentions: A couple individual singles that really hit me hard emotionally: -Afterlife - Holding On -Outline in Color - Not Enough One EP: -Bite the Goat - Goatocalypse [EP] (This is some nice deathcore, and I just was surprised by it) Albums: -Auralist - Between the Devil and the Sea (Just came out like a week ago and holy fuck it ain't bad at all -- best late-year release imo) -Dawn of Disease - Procession of Ghosts (I'm not a huge fan of Melo-death, but god damn I loved this) -Delineate - You Will Find Safety (Upon first listen, this made me question my 2019 AOTY list, so it comes as an HM) -InVisions - Between You & Me (BOUNCY shit, and their 2017 album is even bouncier) -Last Night Saved My Life - Cherry (SOME FUCKING SOLID POP PUNK. And their debut album also.)
  13. Would make a lot of sense. The Valley got me into Deathcore so I appreciate that, and then I went through all of their albums chronologically, so I didn't have much attachment -- Just purely how much I enjoyed the music.
  14. One of my personal favorites is easily Our Hollow, Our Home's 2018 album "In Moment // In Memory". 2017's Hartsick was pretty good too, but IM//IM is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. My 2018 AOTY actually, followed closely by Beartooth's Disease and INK's The Silver Scream, which are also some of my favorite core records this decade. The Limitless EP by Crown the Empire is also a beautiful work of art, and every Fit For an Autopsy record is phenomenal too.
  15. I had never heard of these guys until October 2018 when Claustrophobic came out, and HOLY SHIT I FELL IN LOVE. The Virus is alright -- it has some great moments but overall you can tell it was a little drafty and still in the early stages of the band, but Claustrophobic was NUTS and I absolutely fucking loved it. I personally canNOT wait for a new album from these guys this year. Hopefully it wrecks just as much as Claustrophobic did.
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