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  1. Then I'm excited to take a listen. I'm finally off after school today so I'll get a chance to while I"m doing, if I don't listen to it while I'm at school that is haha
  2. Dope I'mma crank this shit when I get the chance. Never listened to AILD before but might as well now haha
  3. Overall thoughts on new Capture: Fairly decent record. There were a couple cool riffs, a random breakdown that got my attention, and there were a few really good choruses, but as a whole, the album is pretty mediocre if not bland. I'd rate it around 6.5/10 or 7/10. I enjoyed it, but there wasn't anything too special. Even in cases like this, I still keep the album just to listen to every once in a while, but that isn't the case here. I'm honestly gonna get rid of it.
  4. Lmao for some reason I always take your opinion on this site highly because a lot of the stuff you recommend are amazing to me haha
  5. Same. I'm not a fan of things leaking super early, but sometimes the exposure from leaking helps. If not for early leaks on this website, there are a few albums and artists in general that I wouldn't know, support or love.
  6. Holy shit I"m shocked at how good everyone is saying this is. I was gonna check this album out upon release anyway, but now I'm actually really excited to!
  7. I really enjoy the lower tuned guitars a lot. Those deep tunings are very satisfying for my soul. However, in the sense of a fully album, Vessels is much better than Divisions, although I do believe Divisions is better than Transmissions. I really enjoy all three albums, but Vessels probably tops this one for me. However, I'll still give it a healthy 7.5/10 or 7.75/10
  8. Having never listened to anything by Sleeping with Sirens ever before, this album is actually really great. I love a good majority of the tracks on it, with only one or two that I'm not comfortable with. Also, for the same reason above, I think Kellin looks great with the blonde hair. Since I'm not having to make a sudden switch in my memory of the other hair color, I don't mind, and actually really like it. Personally, I think it fits his voice really well imo. I'm gonna get hate for this, but it was a solid record, and Kellin looks good Let me be lol
  9. For someone who isn't really the hugest fan of Green Day but adores a few of their songs... What the hell?
  10. Honestly same. Clever was my favorite from the first spin of the record, breaking down too haha After everything said about this rendition, I just won't even subject myself to it. I don't want to ruin one of my favorite songs of 2018.
  11. Overall, I enjoyed the record. It's not anything super duper special, but it's nothing that I'll pose too many complaints about. I love some of the riffs, I love some of the choruses, and I love a few of the breakdowns. It's not a generic piece of shit, but Pressure isn't what Wage War is capable of either. I will say tho, I still enjoy the album. I'll listen to it more, but it's nothing revolutionary that will ever fight for a spot even close to AOTY. Won't even be an honorable mention, but it's not bad. TL;DR It's not a bad album. It's just not as good as it could've been for Wage War.
  12. Correct. Still not a huge fan of Sudden Sky but it's far ahead of what this record was
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