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  1. out of anyone you can pretend to like to have a good taste in music why would you pick tool? lol
  2. Okay after 3 listens I can say that this is fantastic. Fucking great. Favorite tracks: Pneuma, Descending, Culling Voices, Chocolate Chip Trip, 7empest. Hell throw in the other 2 as well. Great record. TOOL has done it again. Can't wait to hear the full version with all the interludes and such.
  3. BLACKOUT + THE FALL are great. Surprisingly the PUMPED UP KICKS cover actually works well as a closer, thought it would feel completely out of place when it was released as a single.
  4. RIP Avion Roe. Was really hoping they were ramping up to releasing something as it's been a while but guess not. Not sure they could've topped In Separation anyways, it was a great album. Looking forward to Evans new project but from the teaser I heard it doesn't seem like something I'd enjoy.
  5. Not bad. Didn't expect it to be like this, but, it's good.
  6. THIS GIRL, I LIKE! Great tracks. So hyped for the new album.
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