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  1. Not their best album, but best spanish band in the last fifteen years. Highly recommended!
  2. I'm downloading this remembering who has been this man thirty five years ago and trying to forget all the interviews of the past fifteen years.
  3. I hope this release will be updated as soon as posible with better quality... please...
  4. I hope this release will be updated next weekend.
  5. I always knew it would be worth waiting for the 320... Lord, you are the real KING!!!
  6. KL is the only site I trust. It's always better wait for a KL post than surrendering to the impatience.
  7. Weird things can be so beautiful... mp3 320, please?
  8. Thank you! I rather wait for a digital source for this album.
  9. I've seen links in other webs indicated as vinyl rip. Is this a vinyl rip too?
  10. The first track is missed in the ZIP file....
  11. I've been a Silver Jews fan for a long time. Thanks!
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