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  1. I always knew it would be worth waiting for the 320... Lord, you are the real KING!!!
  2. KL is the only site I trust. It's always better wait for a KL post than surrendering to the impatience.
  3. Weird things can be so beautiful... mp3 320, please?
  4. Thank you! I rather wait for a digital source for this album.
  5. I've seen links in other webs indicated as vinyl rip. Is this a vinyl rip too?
  6. The first track is missed in the ZIP file....
  7. I've been a Silver Jews fan for a long time. Thanks!
  8. I've been a fan for more than twenty years now. Thanks for this one!
  9. I've been here a thousand times waiting for a 320... Please!
  10. You should try their "Hidden" 2009 album. Really amazing.
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