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  1. He is an edm producer. Lately he has been experimenting with genres and additional instruments.
  2. No problem! Quick question though, are you the same Empire that was on our very first staff?
  3. Because I’m at work my guy, and my time is very valuable.
  4. How is this in comparison to their debut EP?
  5. Still tear up at Eiley. The sheer amount of emotion put into that song is incredible. Album as a whole is a 10/10
  6. I’m ok with this, I would’ve called for a revote if DGD won.
  7. No thanks. Was waiting for something the entire song.
  8. Spectrum is a fucking banger. They’ve been self promoting on Facebook like a machine and it made me check them out.
  9. The title of this thread is “Upcoming Singles”.
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