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  1. AOTY material. All singles were great. Heard and experienced Wings of Nightmares and Separate Wounds live. It was immaculate. We eating good
  2. This man could pack so much in 2 minute songs.
  3. Void of Vision always releases the hardest shit at the last quarter of the year. Damn.
  4. Reminds me of Wind in My Sails. Earl is one of the best lyricist atm. Just quality tracks over quantity.
  5. As much as I respect this band, this feels like a rehash of old material. Don't fix what isn't broken, am I right?
  6. This unexpectedly made me feel sombre. I love it.
  7. Boy, this is a great gym album.
  8. Andrew's voice sounds really clear on this song. Not too polished but not too raw like the "I Wish I Could Stay Here"-era. Vocals aside, I really like this.
  9. Windbreaker-core at its finest.
  10. They lived up with the hype. Excited for this release!!!
  11. They shouldn't make another Horizons and I'm cool with that. Digging what I heard.
  12. This band is very consistently great. Hoping for a new LP soon.
  13. You can clearly hear the growth in this release. This ain't no Background Music but I'm just happy to see/hear the passion.
  14. I hope that when you see this band again, they would sound on par with the record.
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