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  1. really well done remix, shame it sucks ass at the same time of being composed so well
  2. cant believe ya'll still support these fuckers, bunch of nonces
  3. wulvz

    Scour - Red (2017)

    good stuff, shitty ass logo tho, you can download this as a font type, so generic tbh
  4. Depression & Obsession is actually p beautiful, didnt think this would be any good because Members Only vol 3 was so shit
  5. i get that its community votes and stuff, seriously. i understand that its popular vote that wins, but this shouldnt have went to DGD, there were so many amazing albums this year: wet - dont you knocked loose - laugh tracks nothing,nowhere. - who are you? frank ocean - blond casey - love is not enough childish gambino - awaken! my love $uicideboy$ - eternal grey touche amore - stage four bones - useless tiny moving parts - celebrate oathbreaker - rheia clipping. - splendor and misery lil peep - hellboy kanye west - the life of pablo expire - with regret capsize - a reintroduction... death grips - bottomless pit
  6. is nobody gonna mention Drake - Views? like that was so trash compared to the hype he got from it.
  7. this confuses me so much, they are all legit songs from la flame, but like... how was this uploaded to his streaming services
  8. wtf even is this, there is no point in this. idk about the rest of the people who actually enjoyed this album but i don't care...
  9. would appreciate this too as im using McDonalds WiFi. yano that 0.8mbps
  10. am i the only person on this website who likes this song? its nowhere near as good as tøp could have done it, but it sounds like a band called 'Wet' and i love wet so meh. edit: CANT WAIT FOR MOOSE BLOOD TO COVER I DONT LOVE YOU THO (one of my fav bands and fav song off of TBP)
  11. y not extra songs on the album? i don't understand the point in releasing these separately, good songs but meh yano?
  12. i can't wait to be punched really hard in the face by large bearded men when they play this album live.... i mean *i can't wait to hear this album live*
  13. i didn't really like channel ORANGE but I've followed the OF crew pretty hard since 2013, and i gotta say i dig this a lot!
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