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  1. I’d give it another shot after 320 is released. I think it’s one of their best but that’s obviously subjective. My top 3 before this album were mothership, DBM2, happiness in that order.
  2. This is amazing. Always gonna have haters though
  3. Sally Jones, I will accept your dangerous mission.... holy shit
  4. I want the rest of this album. This song is awesome I love how different every single one of these singles has been.
  5. This is awesome. Against all odds slaps!
  6. That’s respectable. Glad you like the new one though! I’m so excited for this release. First DGD release cycle hype for me.
  7. Not criticizing or being a dick but did you listen a couple times? I wasn’t sure about it at first but love that song now. It’s obviously subjective so maybe you just don’t like it but this second single I immediately loved.
  8. This is so fucking awesome! LOTS of Tilian screams starting at 2:25
  9. @AdamTaylor Install the files app from Apple on the AppStore (or documents 5 works too they are both free) then you should be able to download from safari. I don’t think it gives you the option to download actual files like zip files without a file manager installed.
  10. Yea this song is awesome glad I didn't take the comments too seriously.
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