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  1. My favorites are: Leave it all behind, Agree to disagree, blood lines, break me down, medicine. Although I was expecting more break me down energy in other tracks it's probably the best one to me for the adrenaline rush it has also a fucking breakdown! Haha.
  2. Dethrone and blood tell me bad omens are still heavier than BMTH lol.
  3. Kingdom of cards is pretty interesting opening, I like running in circles instrumentally, dethrone is a bagger, blood is done nice instrumentally but repetitive on lyrics but I still enjoy it. I'd say mercy has the best written lyrics. Love the drumming and synth used here. If I'm there surprised me loved the song all around.
  4. Never heard of northlane before. checking out as a first time listener and dude why didn't anybody tell me about them pretty sick!
  5. 20/20, Red Pills, MZRY, Sequ3nce, Sudden sky are the best tracks on this album in my opinion but this album doesn't have anything as good as are you coming with me, zero, or lucky us if I'm comparing to retrograde tracks. I do miss David though.
  6. This is pretty good. The new album "Finding God Before God Finds Me" is coming out on August 2
  7. I didn't even know they had a new album coming out??? I didn't see any new singles either? Cool gonna check it out.
  8. Nihilist blue, wonderful life, sugar honey & ice tea, heavy metal, I don't know what to say are the best songs in my opinion. Amo is a good album but it's not sempiternal or There is a hell. But I do love the electronics used on this album.
  9. Spencer impression of pennywise was great! Haha! oh georgie...
  10. I'm surprised you didn't put stabbing in the dark as a favorite?
  11. Okay merry axe-mas holy shit I was not prepared for That solo or breakdown! Dude....
  12. Rocking the boat is 🔥 @codeorange you a badass! Thank you!
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