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  1. Just wish volume wise it was higher cause I can't hardly hear it unless I crank my speakers. There's always boosting the mp3's, but then you'll distort it
  2. Right and I get that. What I am saying, though, is it's a lot nicer to have it like it is on the splash page. It was like that for a short period and would be nice to come back. I'm sure I'm not the only one that appreciated that feature.
  3. I didn't know about that so thank you, but it's still alot cleaner and nicer to have it with the album artwork and everything. It may sound strange, but if the album artwork is good then, regardless of what it is, I usually check it out. I used to do that when I would go buy CDs. Just pick up random CDs based on their cover art.
  4. Hey guys! Great job getting the site back up and running. For a little bit you could page through all the recent leaks instead of just the one static page, then you're left to search through all the forums. For those of us that may miss a couple days and come back and see a ton of releases, we have to go back through all the various forums. It's just sort of a pain and more of a convenience of having the paging system for the splash page. Just an idea.
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