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  1. The album gets better after a couple listens the songs are bangers went into this album expecting them to experiment and boy i wasn't wrong and i loved it it was a different MIW and it works nicely loved the ending with catharsis a very powerfull song to end the album
  2. Not being wanna be ice nine kills just doing what they always done
  3. Don't worry guys this song awsten made was just for fun wasn't meant to be serious
  4. Chrises screams in this gives me chills they keep proving why they have been my favorite band for 9 years 🤘🤘
  5. Over time brand new numb gets more and more catchy and it started to grow on me over time after a few listens Disguise just straight hits you right off the back and it just destroys
  6. @Thatoneguy335 how is it poppy? Its not one bit pop??? I hate people who judge music if a band is not heavy they are automatically more pop
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