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  1. Just noticed. Went too fast to download the song. Lol thanks....
  2. I'm kinda super excited to hear these covers. What's the release date?
  3. With all that's been released today this will probably be overlooked by many, but as far as metalcore goes this is a solid release.
  4. Thanks! I really dig this track. Hope to hear more from him.
  5. It was an amazing EP. 187 for life. Haha If you ever watched the DVD that came with Let It Enfold You, Bastard Son was featured I think in the opening credits or during a tour montage. I never found that track (Bastard Son), until this very day. Haha
  6. I said fuck it and pre-ordered it ($6.99 on Amazon, if anyone feels like supporting them)
  7. Thank you! Can't wait for this new reimagined EP. The original is definitely one of my favorite EPs of all-time.
  8. This is an awesome album. Don't sleep on it.
  9. Postys new album Hollywood's Bleeding is out September 6th!
  10. Never heard of these guys, but that single was damn good. About to give this a spin. Thanks!
  11. I came for the prog, and was dazzled by the old school death metal sound. Really good single. Gonna give this a spin. Thanks!
  12. 2013 was a good year. Totally forgot about this album for a second. One of my all-time favorite records as a whole. Wish coexistence followed suit.
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