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  1. That video was cringe as fuck...
  2. I don't understand what visual kei actually means, but this was a really cool track.
  3. Looking for this album, preferably in 320. Thank you! Greatest Hits (1981) And can you upload using Thanks!
  4. Never heard of them before, strangely. But I love this album on first listen. Great post hardcore.
  5. Looking for this Shai Hulud album, preferably in 320 with artwork. Can you also use to upload it? Thank you! That Within Blood Ill-Tempered (2003)
  6. Thank you @She Stabs Deep Into Me!!!
  7. Can you also use a different link for this one as well? Thank you!
  8. Can you upload it using another site? Mirrorace never worked before for me
  9. Looking for this album, preferably in 320 with album artwork. Thank you! You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995)
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