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  1. Searching for a 320 kbps (or V0 if no 320) of Maraton's new single entitled "Fringe Logic". Website: Bandcamp: Thank you in advance!
  2. I would say Tool did it better, but I can't. Great album.
  3. Looking for... Hidden Hospitals - Surface Tension (2015) In 320 preferably, but fine with V0 Bandcamp:
  4. Thank you @mR12 these were really hard to find for me!
  5. Looking for 3 studio albums, in 320 preferably, but V0 is fine. This is the Warning (2010) The Catalyst Fire (2013) Aesthesis (2015) Facebook: Website:
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The singles have been great. Excited to give this a spin.
  7. I don't know how I haven't heard this band before, but this is good shit. Thanks!
  8. Dude has a great voice. Excited to hear this album.
  9. Carry the Weight kinda reminded me of Doomsday by Architects. Anyone else get that same vibe? From The First Note is excellent, definitely got goosebumps listening to the lyrics, and the vocal harmonies and of course Kyle's voice makes it that much better. I cannot freaking wait for a new album from them. Will always be one of my favorite bands.
  10. This is a masterpiece of an album (in my opinion, I'm aware y'all may think different) that deserves to be listened to multiple times to fully digest. There's not even one song I hate on this record, and I'm not an Opeth fanboy at all. I just know good tunes when I hear em, and this album front to back is just beautiful. That is all.
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