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  1. This that good good. 👌Deathcore AOTY and January ain't even over.
  2. I really have enjoyed this album the two times I've listened to it already. Many songs feel like a tip of the hat to the post-hardcore I grew up listening to (early 2000s). Don't sleep on this, it's definitely worth a listen.
  3. 100% this. I've always loved their music, but most of their messages behind the music I can't get into. Edit: Seriously thought that was Guy Fieri behind the drumkit. 😂
  4. I just listened to this, and wow. Was surprised how good this is. Any info on an album? NVMD just saw they released an album last year. Will be checking that out.
  5. Not necessarily my AOTY, but it's up there. My go-to in the gym currently. Don't sleep on this!
  6. Never heard of them, but about to give this a spin. I see Progressive Metal, I click.
  7. This came out in 2019? Where has this been hiding? Quite a gem. Thanks for the upload @NieR:Automata™
  8. You can listen to their singles on most streaming platforms, and can purchase the singles on Amazon, and probably iTunes.
  9. Love this track. Their other 3 singles out are worth buying as well, especially "Static Scream"
  10. I liked some of the singles, but hearing the album front to back--Wow...just wow. Vocals are top notch. Music is beautiful and heavy at times. Production is amazing. Album of the Year for me probably.
  11. This is one of those bands where I really liked some songs, but never really checked out their albums (other than In Rainbows). Thanks for the upload. Some of my friends are diehard fans, so hopefully I'll become one. Gonna dive in and study the studio albums. Lol
  12. Never heard of them but that was tasty. Definitely interested to hear this album. Thanks for the share!
  13. That was a beautiful track. Haken being one of my favorite bands, I'm super stoked for the album. March can't come soon enough.
  14. Never heard of them but damn, this album is a banger front to back. Kinda gives me old ERRA and Born of Osiris vibes at times (which is not a bad thing). Might have to go buy this album.
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