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  1. Man, I'm addicted to this track and I'm so ready for the album. I don't understand the hate, but it is what it is. A golden track in my opinion.
  2. So excited to hear this. Loved the singles. Thanks!
  3. God, I miss Beloved. Take me back to the Solid State Tour with Haste The Day, Norma Jean, and Beloved (RIP). Thanks for this post!
  4. I'm really diggin this. Hope to hear more from these guys.
  5. Had to buy it after first listening to it on their bandcamp. I regret nothing. Can't wait for vol 2, if that is indeed in the works.
  6. Thanks! Been hoping for this since the video premiered
  7. Man, this bands sound takes me back to the early 2000s. I'm loving it. Any chance for 320?
  8. It's a Christmas miracle! Lol so excited for this. Thanks!!!
  9. I forgot I had downloaded this when it leaked. I've wasted so much of my life already by not listening to this when it came out...haha man this an amazing track.
  10. One of my all-time favorite bands! Even have their logo tattooed on me haha consider supporting them if you dig it. Their lyrics are powerful and the music is always top notch!
  11. Track 2 just started, and I can tell the rest of the album is gonna be good. Really diggin this (just heard of the band today)
  12. Wowzers. I'm diggin this. EP or LP on the way? Probably gonna have to buy it either way. Lol
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