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  1. Sweet deal. Guess I should go follow him on insta.
  2. Ohhh how I've missed Mest. I don't know when they're planning a new album, but I'm ready. Anyone know anything?
  3. Some of this stuff reminds me of old Norma Jean (R.I.P.) lol Really diggin it.
  4. That's how I feel too. This is one of my favorite bands, but it doesn't hold a candle to Children of Fire for me. It's good, but like you I'm kinda tired of metalcore lately.
  5. This 128 rip is pretty damn good. One song in and I'm so ready for 320.
  6. Check out their album Children of Fire. Specifically the song "In The Wake of Pigs". Whole album is great though
  7. Aww yisss bois! Let's go! #Archers lol
  8. That single sounds dope, and I honestly didn't need for this to be English to enjoy it. Very interesting instrumentation, excited to hear the rest right now.
  9. Check out their albums "Killing With A Smile" and "Horizons". There's a post of their full discography. But those are the best, in my opinion.
  10. I was feeling some nastalgia but a bit different. This reminded me of Parkway Drive back in the day.
  11. Well this is a tasty little jam. Love some metalcore with some bounce to it Thanks!
  12. Man, I haven't been too impressed with a lot of heavy music lately, but this is gold. About to give their 2018 release a spin. Thanks for this, it was much needed!
  13. 1:15 in the video 😌👌 that is rich.
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