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  1. That chorus riff in "Introvert" is tasty. Mmm.
  2. Check out their album "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest". It's quite a bit heavier and an amazing album
  3. @WarriorSam same. I miss they're heavier stuff, but I do like these singles. This one the most though.
  4. Holy hell, yes. Been waiting eagerly for dis.
  5. Anyone else getting a "This site can’t be reached" error message?
  6. Really good. Any news of an album or EP? Cuz I want more. Lol
  7. Can anyone recommend any other bands like Desolate? I've been searching for similar stuff but not much is resonating lol
  8. Idk if I should wait for 320 or not. Itchin to hear this. Warmth was such an amazing album
  9. Really diggin this. The screams reeeeally remind me of Michael Barr (ex Volumes) . Had to check to see if it was him. Haha
  10. I'm diggin this, but classifying it as Nu Metal? 🤔 Lol either way, good track.
  11. How have I never heard this band before? And I'm assuming this is a remaster of an older album? Either way, this is vicious.
  12. I'm not big into pop punk, but I enjoyed all of the songs from this EP. Definitely keeping them on my radar. Thanks for this post!
  13. Very Converge-ish, and I'm diggin it at the moment. Thanks!
  14. Never knew these guys before finding KL. Really dig this. Might have to buy some merch
  15. Agree 100%. Wasn't really feeling behold the Crown. But this single is excellent. Hype for new album restored for me. Lol
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