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  1. "remember this is what you asked for" This is not what we asked for
  2. Love Cage The Elephant but I have almost zero clue what they have going on with their theme for this album. Like is this supposed to be some cowboy is a skin tight sex suit? Someone care to explain?
  3. I haven't listened yet but Johnny told me there was going to be some screams from Brad and gang vocals from them all so it's probably Brad
  4. It's been years but here it is, I'm so excited
  5. The alternative album cover they posted on Instagram puts this one to shame. Really hoping for some heavier, and better singles though.
  6. This should hold over those waiting for Get Scared, still wondering if Johnny will be the new singer
  7. This is like everything Attila is great at. It's their best work, a few songs are like Chaos, not as heavy, while the rest is more like their older stuff, much heavier. Definitely their most mature work as well. Going to be adding the new singles and the soda in the water cup remaster as bonus tracks when I get my official digital album download and CD.
  8. Wonderful single, I'm glad they aren't changing up their genre too much and making a bad album like Arctic Monkeys did. Very excited for this album
  9. What about this demo? https://www.discogs.com/Bring-Me-The-Horizon-Demo/release/12734376
  10. I really hope there's better material on the record if it ever comes out, this song is okay, I like the album art a lot
  11. I agree which will be an unpopular opinion. I guess I haven't listened enough of them, but on their new album I don't like the singer's screams at all. Seems to forced and they don't sound good. If anyone can change my mind let me know
  12. It's not terrible but I agree, they could have chosen a better song. The trailer was amazing though
  13. I still don't understand this fuck, is his theme of his music to be as much as a kid as possible? I understand he's a pedo so maybe since he can't get kids he has to be a kid. Anyways, he'll be handled like a little boy in prison anyways. People like him get the worst of treatment on the inside
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