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  1. Wonderful single, I'm glad they aren't changing up their genre too much and making a bad album like Arctic Monkeys did. Very excited for this album
  2. What about this demo?
  3. I really hope there's better material on the record if it ever comes out, this song is okay, I like the album art a lot
  4. I agree which will be an unpopular opinion. I guess I haven't listened enough of them, but on their new album I don't like the singer's screams at all. Seems to forced and they don't sound good. If anyone can change my mind let me know
  5. It's not terrible but I agree, they could have chosen a better song. The trailer was amazing though
  6. I still don't understand this fuck, is his theme of his music to be as much as a kid as possible? I understand he's a pedo so maybe since he can't get kids he has to be a kid. Anyways, he'll be handled like a little boy in prison anyways. People like him get the worst of treatment on the inside
  7. Thought this was released in 320? If you need the quality update let me know.
  8. we fInALY got ScrEAms For real though. Song is good, but people who think J-dog is screaming needs to listen to anything more metal than HU. You make them look like a joke
  9. Damn where'd this cover art come from? Love the colors
  10. I bet this is going to be worse than the new BMTH single
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