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  1. not a bad tune or anything, but she's a criminally fucking overrated industry plant piggybacking on her brother's production (and most likely songwriting), and everything about this track is generic as all hell. It's a shame cause You Should See Me in a Crown and Bury a Friend did show some promise, but this goes right back to her usual slogfest of a sound.
  2. more like a completely harmless and PG13 Filthy Frank which shouldn't work but it kinda has for a while
  3. It's either him or a cancerous indian supercorp. I actually like him as a person (even though his shit is kinda redundant atp), and I'd rather see actual fucking content creators dominate on the site than a fucking corporation which is opposite to what Youtube should be about really
  4. TLF I found to be excruciatingly boring for the most part, but Holy Fire was pretty good actually, their best post-Antidotes era album for sure
  5. Finally a somewhat convincing single. Last two made me lose pretty much all hope that I'd get a full album of noteworthy tracks out of 2 albums with their later output usually being almost exactly 50% filler, but it hasn't been looking promising so far. But I do like this quite a bit. BIG props for the mathy guitar noodling in the background of the second "act" of the track (nice structure btw), gave me a huge hit of Antidotes nostalgia which is their one and only god tier record.
  6. Idk if you've heard their first two albums but they really warrant the hype (especially This Is The Six), they kinda fell off after that, especially with the singles off of this thing (I haven't heard the album itself yet)
  7. I've been off metal for a past couple months, so I might not be the best person to say this, but damn is this thing borderline unlistenable. I mean, the instrumentation is pretty fucking tight, and Subhuman is the closest they get to a moment of clarity, but goddamn are the cringily rapped and cookie monster vocals and tongue-in-cheek, unfunny and retarded lyrics unbearable. Something tells me this thing is really bad even by deathcore standards which I don't listen to at all, I do appreciate some metal but this really isn't it, so much so that I felt the need to comment. Another thing I admire about this album is that the intro and the hook of the closer made me laugh uncontrollably, idk if it's ridiculously dumb on purpose but goddamn
  8. I mean, yeah it does, but only by merits of much more pop-leaning production. Definitely more like ID than La Dispute but still isn't too close
  9. it must be because amo actually goes somewhere, most of the songs have some spirit, cool songwriting ideas, high catch factor and decent lyrics, while Imagine Dragons is as formulaic and manufactured as it gets. It's not an outstanding album by any means, and I'm not defending OP either, but this shouldn't be surprising
  10. this is the furthest you can get from Imagine Dragons in more ways than I could name rn btw, amazing tune, I wasn't the biggest fan of the last single but I'm really excited for the album after this and Fulton Street. Glad to hear Jordan using this recitative vocal style again, always liked it more than his usual shouting, and now his vocals are actually audible which is a really pleasant surprise. Lyrics will need some deep diving but I'm sure they're a supreme work of art as always, instrumentation is a nice minor departure from their usual stuff with the trumpets and more jazzy chords and drum patterns, but it's still unmistakeably them, especially towards the end. Also the little drone after the song ends makes me hyped for the following track on the album lol
  11. I don't like her stuff so far, like, at all (Lowlife was kind of a bump but that's it for me), but this slaps
  12. Doubt they'll come to Hungary anytime soon, but if they happen to do so, and the festival isn't batshit expensive (solo gig is highly unlikely) and/or it has a band other than them that I'd be interested in, I'll be sure to check them out. They seem to be a decent live band, and I know most of their songs from my teens. But I don't think any kind of live performance could justify the place they are at compared to where they should be (which is like, mid-tier at best). Also, Sykes tends to do some embarassing-ass vocal work on their shows, but he's been getting better recently, so it might not be that bad now.
  13. Wow, on first listen this may be even worse than Medicine. The hype regarding this band/album on this site makes me wanna fucking throw up. I don't even mind their music (up to this point apparently), and I think they're one of the most overrated bands of the 21st century. Edit: 3 of the singles are the worst songs on the album by far, they fucking brought it on this one ngl
  14. sooo double album means we may get a full album of decent jams because their albums are usually half filler... except for Antidotes of course, where even their B-sides were impecable
  15. I wholeheartedly support them going pop, in fact I barely even give a fuck about their metal stuff anymore. I liked a lot of songs off of That's The Spirit and I bump Wonderful Life big fucking time. With all that being said, this is fucking atrocious.
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