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  1. God this is so fucking good, just like everything else they've done. I'm happy this wasn't the first track I didn't like by them.
  2. Artwork looks like my desk after i scratch my dandruff ridden scalp over it but yeah single is good
  3. never heard of these guys before, didnt know indie and post hardcore could go together but im liking this a lot. thanks for the share
  4. Thank you for the upload ! but yikes that album cover
  5. loved everything they've done before this. didn't even know this was gunna drop so i'm pretty hyped. ty for posting
  6. im glad a fellow intellectual was willing to post this, thanks!
  7. probably their best album yet imo tyvm for posting
  8. Mega has always been my go to, at least on other sites. I always use zippy on here cause its usually the one thats up on older posts. Passtheleaks is probably faster but I dont mind waiting an extra 30 seconds either way.
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