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  1. Good on you that you enjoyed Violent Noise my dude.
  2. After a few listens this album sounds pretty average imo, like a metalcore band moving into a more rock kind of sound. This album as a whole is pretty disappointing. A band that did the transition from metalcore to a more rock type of sound in a great way would be Palisades. Their latest album is pretty much the same as Violent Noise in terms of predictable song structures, but where Palisades has the upper hand is that the songs are well written and has some memorable choruses.
  3. One of the few hip hop artists I actually enjoy, thanks a lot!
  4. It's pretty unique, I like it. And it definitely sounds more post than prog. Tbh when I saw the gothic tag I was kinda expecting something in the style of the intro "Devils Never Cry" from Devil May Cry 3. Anyone knows any artists in that style?
  5. That's pretty damn good, worth a listen.
  6. Yeah this new rip is of better quality. Can't wait for the binaural disc now.
  7. For me no song they made will ever top Sphere tbh, but hey you've also convinced me to give ZeTeS another listen. Hiro looks like such a fuccboi in this MV btw damn
  8. DOJ - Suicycle is a record that didn't get enough love last month tbh, it was surprisingly really great, and AOTM material. Since it's not on this list I'll go with Greyhaven, which also is an amazing record.
  9. Really? Hey great if you liked it but for me tbh it was pretty mediocre apart from Malice Against, in terms of songwriting and production too. OMEGA was diverse and had a good balance between Deathcore/Metalcore and the Visual Kei type of sound. After this, their releases fluctuated, some were good, some were mediocre, personally speaking. Their recent releases that I liked are Desperate, Strike in Fact,Triangle Carnage and Jyuusou, all of them being singles.
  10. This band used to be so good up until their mini album OMEGA, wtf happened.
  11. HOLY FUCK don't sleep on this, this album is one of the biggest surprises of this year for me, definitely my Album Of The Month! Sounds like Silent Planet mixed with some Northlane.
  12. I'm really grateful for the first album in instrumental. I love Spencer but his vocals in the first album were not the best.