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  1. I was hoping that this would go a lot heavier in the latter half of the song, especially with Mick producing this track and the DOOM-ish vibes with the synths but hey, it's still a really good song overall.
  2. His previous release didn't really stick with me but this is good stuff.
  3. Holy shit the single fucking slaps
  4. Still digesting Volume 8 but holy fuck am I enjoying these Bulb re-releases. I took a brief look into Misha's work before Periphery when I got into the band, but now I get to really experience his work in a much better quality, the man's a legend.
  5. The riffs are fucking tasty, and I loved the references to Doom and other things sprinkled all over. His style of mid/low-mid screams aren't really my cup of tea, tho the highs and lows are great. I wish there was an instrumental version of this.
  6. Holy shit what a throw back to their older sound, I love it!
  7. I didn't really enjoy anything they put out after Apocalyze, but judging from the single this is gonna be pretty damn good.
  8. Good fucking T H A L L And I can also hear some Mick Gordon influence here and there, love it.
  9. Wasn't much of a fan of their EP but I'm halfway through this and holy shit this is absolutely AOTY material, it's such a damn shame that this will not get a proper release.
  10. Oof, some pretty hard hitting Djent, love it.
  11. I was just reading up on that, and fucking sucks that id Software/Bethesda would rush Mick on the soundtrack and not give him the time to do his thing like for DOOM 2016. 50% of the DOOM experience is the soundtrack, without Mick's art, the game wouldn't be nearly as badass. I've heard some issues with many of the tracks in the mixing and even in the structure for some, and I've heard some badass parts from the gamerip missing in the OST. I'm very disappointed that they wouldn't let Mick do his thing, I'm very disappointed that they butchered such as great soundtrack.
  12. FUCK YEAH I WAS WAITING FOR THAT Can't wait to hear what changed Mick made from the original gamerip.
  13. YESSS I love this band, and from the singles, this EP is gonna be goooood
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