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  1. I knooow right, I watched his presentation for DOOM 2016 and he talked how he came up with most of the sounds using only a sine wave and overloading analogue gear to create natural and musical distortion, it blew my mind how much more I learned about music making, sound design and songwriting that day.
  2. The full songs and final mixing aren't actually in the game. The composer, Mick Gordon, has a YT channel and last week he did a livestream explaining and showcasing some interesting stuff about DOOM Eternal's soundtrack. Long story short, what you hear in the game isn't really the fully structured and fully mixed songs (it is mixed to fit the context of the game, not for an actual listening experience), there's still work to be done to piece the songs together, the track order and the mixing so that it can be released as a full fledged album.
  3. Not bad at all. I hate to be that guy though, but the original arrangement feels better. IMO the OST really is made to be listened to as an instrumental, vocals don't really mix well with what Mick Gordon created. Very interesting though, maybe if they do other tracks I'll find one that I think fits with vocals. Also can't wait for DOOM Eternal OST's release, just finished the game last night, it's a blast all the way through. Mick said it would take a while before the OST gets a release date.
  4. I used to be a big fan on them way back in the day, from around 2008. Kinda fell out of love because some of their newer albums just play it safe, and I'm sad to say that imo this album is the same. Not saying that that they should reinvent the wheel or anything, but at least try a few new things. Maybe it will sound better for a new listener. I recommend checking out their older albums. especially The Buried and I Believe In Me.
  5. This is some gooood shit, don't sleep on this.
  6. Well let's hear what this is all about. I never was really able to get into their previous releases, maybe this is the one.
  7. Hot damn, how the fuck does he pump out so much music so quickly?
  8. This fucking slaps, so impatient for the album!
  9. Lmao that's a cute release, nothing that I will spin often but entertaining nonetheless.
  10. Good shit, as expected. Is an EP or album coming soon or smth?
  11. Holy shit this is actually really fucking good! This is quite a nice surprise
  12. Ahhhh some good visual kei, been a while since I last went into the vk rabbit hole.
  13. This and Reflections' new album are my most anticipated releases of this year, and this release by Loathe is already a HUGE contender for AOTY holy shit LOATHE AS ONE
  14. NIIIICE Can't wait to hear how they improved/changed upon the original release, and the original was already a masterpiece in its own right.
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