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  1. I just finished listening through this album, and holy shit we have a strong AOTY contender right here. I enjoyed it more than PIII (which was fantastic in its own right), and for me this album is pretty much on par with Juggernaut and PII. It's pretty damn diverse, and I had a huge smile on my face the whole way through (and the into for Satellites nearly made me cry). Also thank you to all of those who left me nice messages about my depressed state here, you're all a bunch of sweethearts
  2. I was depressed, but just seeing this made my day a whole lot brighter, thanks!
  3. Heyyy that's pretty good.
  4. This album is gonna be absolutely amazing, jesus christ.
  5. Goddamn, this is INTENSE, thank you!
  6. Holy shit for real? That is SUCH a waste of their talent.
  7. It's okay. I miss their old sound tbh, their energy and songwriting were at their peak during their Kanjou Effect/Niche Syndrome era.
  8. AHHH I DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO RELEASE A SINGLE BEFORE A WHILE I clenched my butthole so hard from the surprise jfc.
  9. I love this band to death but I believe it's time for them to freshen up their sound and add new elements to their songwriting, it's starting to sound samey.
  10. Wow okay. I totally respect an artist's need to write different types of music, like when BMTH stopped being Deathcore/Metalcore and went for a more alternative rock sound with That's The Spirit, I was cool with that cuz the songs were still well-written. But my god, now it seems that they even threw good songwriting out the window. I don't mind them wanting to write softer stuff, but make it good, like Deathbeds, And The Snakes Start To Sing, and Doomed. These songs were soft, but really interesting and had lots of atmosphere.
  11. Oh shiiiiiit they're working on new material?
  12. This isn't bad, but goddamn this Space-Deathcore theme makes me miss Substructure so damn much.
  13. Tbh I think Silent Planet or Time, The Valuator deserved to win, these two bands released such well crafted albums in 2018, but oh well, Holy Hell was enjoyable.
  14. Sick, didn't know Milo had a band.
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