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  1. Good Tiger - We Will All Be Gone (2018)

    OHHH SHIT This is gonna be good.
  2. In Hearts Wake - Ark Prevails (EP) (2018)

    I wish it was something where they experiment more with the songs, something like The Contortionist's Rediscovered versions of a few songs, but this is a little more than an acoustic EP. Not bad but nothing really noteworthy.
  3. Crossfaith - Wipeout (Deluxe) [EP] (2018)

    This is not bad, but I'm still waiting to see if they can pump out something as good as their Zion EP which tbh was the peak of their musical capabilities. Thanks for the upload either way.
  4. I AM NOAH - Final Breed (EP) (2018)

    Their album didn't really do it for me, but this EP seems to be a step up.
  5. 2017 Album Of The Year - Initial Voting

    1. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant 2. While She Sleeps - You Are We 3. Sufferer - Sufferer 4. Palisades - Palisades 5. Make Them Suffer - Worlds Apart 6. Stargazer - Tui La 7. Serenity in Murder - The Eclipse 8. Sea In The Sky - Everything All At Once 9. Ne Obliviscaris - Urn 10. Despite Exile - Relics 2017 was quite fucking amazing.
  6. Messengrs - Paradox (EP) (2017)

    I don't like the screams, but everything else is solid af.
  7. Sufferer - Sufferer (2017)

    Holy FUCK I was not expecting this, amazing surprise.
  8. Galneryus - Ultimate Sacrifice (2017)

    Thanks! The only power metal band I genuinely enjoy tbh.
  9. Jared Dines - Demogorgon [Single] (2016)

    Yesss *_*