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  1. It's a good album, and it sounds like they really want to go forward with the sound they established for themselves on Drift, but Drift had better songwriting tbh, I was hooked to it on the first listen. I'm on the second spin, I think this album will grow on me after a few more listens. Right now it stands at a 7/10 for me.
  2. I'm waiting for a 320 rip but THANK YOU FOR SHARING I'm sO FUCKING PUMPED TO LISTEN TO THIS
  3. I love everything apart from the screaming vocalist. While his screams aren't bad, his high screams get kinda harsh and grating.
  4. I was never really able to get into their music tbh, only a few tracks off Mesmer. I'll give them another go since the whole discography is right here.
  5. It's a really nice little surprise, thanks! Sounds quite emotional, I recommend giving it a listen.
  6. This is really fucking good! Japanese nibbas at it again.
  7. LET'S GOOOO It sucks that it's going to be their last record, but they're going out with a loud bang, damn.
  8. This band would benefit a lot from a good vocalist. While the music is good, it doesn't really stand great on its own.
  9. Thank you! I'm hoping for more tracks in the vein of Ominous and Dogma from their previous album.
  10. Sounds a bit like a mix of Silent Planet and Architects, nice.
  11. Good on you that you enjoyed Violent Noise my dude.
  12. After a few listens this album sounds pretty average imo, like a metalcore band moving into a more rock kind of sound. This album as a whole is pretty disappointing. A band that did the transition from metalcore to a more rock type of sound in a great way would be Palisades. Their latest album is pretty much the same as Violent Noise in terms of predictable song structures, but where Palisades has the upper hand is that the songs are well written and has some memorable choruses.
  13. One of the few hip hop artists I actually enjoy, thanks a lot!
  14. It's pretty unique, I like it. And it definitely sounds more post than prog. Tbh when I saw the gothic tag I was kinda expecting something in the style of the intro "Devils Never Cry" from Devil May Cry 3. Anyone knows any artists in that style?