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  1. I’m refraining from listening to the whole album but just HAD to hear “Invincible” because I’m sick of listening to the live YouTube footage. So, I downloaded this just to jam that track for now. what a f*cking tune...mannnnn
  2. Definitely dig into the lyrics! Thanks for the love fellas
  3. Great track. Sounds much more like their Augment and Impulse sound again, which I love. Production is top-notch.
  4. Glad to see many TOOL fans are liking this. I love TOOL, but I’m a fan of their more mainstream style (Schism, The Pot, Vicarious, etc). This track is a bit lackluster for me. However, the two singles they played live sound AMAZING! Still excited for the album.
  5. So despite my initial thoughts as well as everyone else’s, I actually am a big fan of this album. This is much less deathcore and more death metal, and this is much less appealing to the core folk. I’m a riff fiend so I find this album really enjoyable excluding a few repetitive tracks.
  6. Thanks for the love guys 🤘 hard work on this album
  7. Much love ❤️ thank you I really encourage you to follow along lyrically. The album has a narrative element that progresses with each track. It’s meant to be listened to in one sitting. Thanks for checking it out 🤘
  8. Man that means a lot! At this time, no...working on it though. We live a bit from one another. 👨‍🚀
  9. Really glad you like it 🤘 yes! Jake is working with us on the next record
  10. Excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on this 🏰
  11. Promise you, you won't be disappointed. Comes with an alternate mix and instrumental versions of the album as well 🏰
  12. Glad you enjoyed it! There are a few other songs you’ll like off the record then, if the progressive segments aren’t your style. Just wait and see 🤙
  13. IC is an old tale now my friend 🤫
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