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  1. No excuse for what these guys had done to their fans, but the music is great nonetheless. This sounds like what I always wished Painted in Exile would turn into. that intro vibe
  2. Man...this is good. Like GOOD GOOD. Haven’t been this impressed with talent and songwriting since BOO’s The Discovery. No song is redundant, incredible guitar playing, songwriting has a fantastic flow, and vocals are refreshing. only gripe is I really hate this whole lyrical concept. Antichrist aliens....idk man kinda corny and the whole Antichrist thing in general is just a drawn-out, unoriginal idea. My opinion. sonically - amazing album
  3. Really mixed emotions about HAARP now. Such a bizarre experience watching Al try and piece this together. Disclosure, IMO, was one of the best prog metal albums of the decade. Nadir had some substance but felt like a mess of overlapping tracks that didn’t blend together and a poor mix to top it. This sounds much more promising, but Al’s vocals just don’t work well at all. The screams aren’t good, and the singing is very mediocre. Instrumentally this is much better than Nadir but still sounds completely processed. Still have hopes for Al. We’ll see.
  4. Tend to feel this way a lot also except for 2 songs or so. Great musicians but a little too....consistent?
  5. I remember being mesmerized by “Incongruous” years ago, and this is just as impressive. I feel that album was slightly more melodic than this and that BTM really tried to pack in a lot more technicality this time around, but brilliant nonetheless. ”Absurd Hero” has some of the most wild death metal drumming I’ve ever heard, and the last few seconds of that song has me dying to heard a 40 second version of that breakdown with the damn. well done lads.
  6. Can we just admire the fact that 2020 ABR still sounds like 2007 ABR ?
  7. Also, side fucking awesome is this production?!
  8. Everything by this band sounds as if it could all be part of the same, massive album....and there is not a single thing wrong with that. love this.
  9. Umm did Cam forget how to mix and master? This sounds... just.... like zero effort
  10. Thanks much, my friend. Really don't even want to get signed at this point - just hoping to get some publicity. Appreciate the feedback. I actually don't love that part myself, but in short - yes, we were going for that chaotic, interrupted, digital sound there. Part of the reason it's sort of inaudible is because a majority of the vocals in the song are double-tracked, whereas that segment was single-tracked. Believe it or not, the vocalist in that part - Tyler - was having a tough time getting that ridiculous timing down ?
  11. Hey more favor (last one promise) could you add the YouTube embed? Thank you!
  12. The new song??? Post it on that page! Thanks for the love glad y’all like it ❤️
  13. Can’t be happier. Next record will be something to remember, mark my words. Coming soon ?
  14. thanks so much guys ? any help spreading the word is such a help. Really happy you enjoy the track
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