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  1. They remastered the EP and all five songs will be on their upcoming album. They took the original EP off all streaming services too. It kinda sucks.
  2. I know their drummer quite well. I got invited to see them with Bad Omens. They're a great bunch of guys and put on an awesome show.
  3. The final version of Open Door is way better than the demo. I'm excited for the album!
  4. One of the best choruses they've ever put out. I'm glad they're sticking with a Ludens vibe on the new record. One of the best choruses they've ever put out. I'm glad they're sticking with a Ludens vibe on the new record.
  5. I was really uncertain about this single on first listen, but it's already growing on me. The verses and the pre-chrous are definitely the best parts. The chorus is a little underwhelming. Overall it feels like a very safe first song to put out.
  6. At least this song is better than Headrush. This'll probably grow on me in a few days.
  7. OH SHIT. Can't wait to listen to this. Will update with opinions in a bit.
  8. I always love to hear stripped versions from these guys. I just hope they rework some old Blueprints songs sometime.
  9. Better than the new Trapt song and I didn't think anything could top that!
  10. No screams? Down to Hell literally has a breakdown.
  11. Not as good as Resentment but it's enjoyable. Now if only they'd give us a new release date for the album finally.
  12. Wasn't huge on the title track but the rest of the EP is far better than the debut. Love this.
  13. This was really solid! I can’t tell if it’s new or if it’s an older track they’ve never released but it reminds me a lot of the Sound of Madness days.
  14. Seems like they're going for a heavier nu sound this time around. I like it. I do hope they still keep some of the softer sound that was on The Rhapsody Tapes.
  15. Better than anything on The Stage. Not surprising since this is from the Hail to the King era.
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