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  1. Surprisingly good. After that second single, I was thinking Leave It All Behind would be the only good track.
  2. I was always a casual AILD fan but I'm really loving all these new singles
  3. Korn never fail to provide incredible tunes. Even their worst songs are great. However ‘Cold’ might just be one of the best songs they’ve released since See You On The Other Side. I was NOT ready for this!
  4. I wasn't a big fan of Mesmer but this is a HUGE improvement. I'm loving this new sound!
  5. nothing too special but I appreciate how they're expanding their sound, even if it is pretty generic.
  6. It's different but I dig it. I hope they release the official version of this song soon.
  7. One of the best tracks they've released since Iowa. I'm really stoked to hear the new album after all three singles have been this good.
  8. Not a huge fan of the artwork for this record but the song goes hard
  9. I was invited to be in this music video. Looks like it'd have been a lot of fun if I could've made it. Either way, these guys are awesome and their music goes hard. Definitely one of my favorite modern nu bands.
  10. This new song is super old school. I've had it on repeat since the premiere.
  11. Mind blowing that Poppy is becoming a nu metal artist but I kinda dig it.
  12. Just got through listening to the album finally. It was every bit worth the wait and better than I ever expected it to be. Lewis is such an incredibly talented singer and I sincerely hope he finds the success he deserves.
  13. The song is fantastic. "We Are Not Your Kind" is an awful album title though. Also I'm really not a fan of Corey's new mask.
  14. One of my favorite artists right now. Really looking forward to hearing this!
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