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  1. Just got through listening to the album finally. It was every bit worth the wait and better than I ever expected it to be. Lewis is such an incredibly talented singer and I sincerely hope he finds the success he deserves.
  2. The song is fantastic. "We Are Not Your Kind" is an awful album title though. Also I'm really not a fan of Corey's new mask.
  3. One of my favorite artists right now. Really looking forward to hearing this!
  4. Reminds me a lot of their older stuff mixed with Ice Nine Kills. Love it!
  5. For everyone complaining about them releasing a song with just Mike on it, have you never listened to any of their full albums before? It’s nothing new for them to have a song without Chester lol
  6. Nothing too special sadly. I was hoping they’d take a heavier route after John’s solo album with Fight the Fury but oh well.
  7. Brand New Numb sounds more like Marilyn Manson than Manson himself does
  8. YES. Can’t wait to hear this. They’re one of my favorite nu-metalcore bands at the moment.
  9. The song sounds cool but the quality is complete garbage. Hopefully a better rip of the Vinyl will be available soon!
  10. I was not expecting this at all. Super stoked to hear this!
  11. I'm okay with this. I always preferred downloading through passtheleaks anyways.
  12. Stoked for the EP. Alpha Wolf is one of the best nu-metalcore bands out there right now.
  13. This SLAPS. I hope Dropout Kings take a similar route on their new material.
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