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  1. This is SO much better than the entire Self Titled album. I'm looking forward to the album!
  2. Maybe they gave Eddie the boot and are putting out an instrumental album. I'm all for it!
  3. Finally got around to listening to this. After loving their first record, I'm really disappointed with this one. A lot of the songs sound very similar and the lyrics are literally exactly the same in every song. The first album had this problem too but it wasn't as noticeable on the surface level. Maybe this'll grow on me if I just tune out the lyrics.
  4. Totally wasn't expecting this after Ask For The Anthem. I love the Bizkit vibe they've adapted on this and Glass Gloss. Ocean Grove is about to drop the next Chocolate Starfish.
  5. Threat to Society might just be the best song on the album. Perfect riff, amazing chorus, etc. Young is brilliant too. Really feeling the rock and roll vibes with the latter.
  6. Alpha Wolf fucking slaps. Totally forgot to name them. I like The Gloom in the Corner a lot as well.
  7. My Enemies & I is one of my favorite nu-metalcore bands. There's also Tallah, Jynx, Cane Hill's self titled EP, Sylar's first two records, Ocean Grove's Black Label EP, Loser, and Conform.
  8. Easily their best record. You don't realize how unnecessary Michael was until they go and release 13 fucking bangers after his departure.
  9. I forgot this was coming out this week.
  10. I'm seeing a lot of hate for this single but I'm digging it. Issues has a really intriguing new sound so far. There's bits here and there I could complain about, but all three songs have ended up growing on me a lot.
  11. Now I can finally fix my discography playlist on Spotify with high quality versions of the bonus songs. Thanks so much!
  12. You'll Never Find Me was an awful choice of a first single. I'm six songs in and everything has been so much better than YNFM. Korn never disappoints.
  14. Slipknot will most likely end up being my album of the year. Northlane was incredible too.
  15. Surprisingly good. After that second single, I was thinking Leave It All Behind would be the only good track.
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