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  1. Absolutely amazing. The singles were definitely the better of the six, but Empty is fantastic
  2. I've been dying to hear another track since BURN IT came out. Fingers crossed the rest of the album will be as good these two singles!
  3. Busted still make music? I remember listening to these guys over a decade ago.
  4. Cane Hill could do any genre and still sound incredible. 10/10
  5. All the singles have been great so far. I'm really excited to hear this.
  6. The riff sounds very similar to Architects, but it's still a banger. Cody's cleans keep getting better on each record. Can't wait for the rest of the album!
  7. Pretty solid single. Sounds pretty similar to Chemistry.
  8. Really been looking forward to hearing this. Merry Christmas!
  9. Seems like they're taking a more generic nu metal path with this single, but they did it well. Hopefully LP2 will be just as great as The Rhapsody Tapes.
  10. Kill the Sun was better, but this is a jam too. Witt's getting better and better with the cleans.
  11. Would've liked to have heard some new tracks rather than a live album stamped on top of AHIG's standard edition.
  12. What an unexpected but pleasant surprise. I love how often these guys are releasing new music. Great song, as always.
  13. I thought the album leaked for a second. Really looking forward to this one
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