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  1. I don't care that it's buttrock, it slaps and I'm hyped for this record.
  2. Severely underrated artist. This is easily his best work so far.
  3. I guess I must've died and this is heaven. This is unreal!
  4. Cane Hill just keep topping themselves every time they release something new. Such a banger.
  5. Honestly, I really enjoyed it. It's absolutely different and not their sound at all, but I can appreciate them trying something totally new.
  6. These guys should be way bigger than they are. Amazing track!
  7. I'm super hyped for this album, but please don't let it leak until Oct 1st. These guys deserve a huge first weekend for their debut, especially since we're in a pandemic right now.
  8. I love seeing Joji improve over every new release. This is absolutely his best work.
  9. I'm kind of torn about this upcoming EP. It's sticking with the same sound as Anon, but in my opinion Space was the only track that has really stood out so far. All the others have been okay at best.
  10. Never been huge on MGK as a rapper, but he is surprisingly great as a pop punk artist. Definitely one of my favorite records of 2020 so far!
  11. Tallah is easily one of the best nu metal bands to come out in the past three or four years. I'm so excited for this record.
  12. I don't expect this to stand up to Dark Skies, but I'm very excited regardless
  13. Guess you could say I'm pretty hypa hypa for this EP to come out
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