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  1. Oh my god that's bad ... commercial and really worthless ! I loved the first two albums but now it's become a cash band... 2/10
  2. Album of the Year !! This group is above the others and it crushes everything in its path !! 10/10
  3. This is amazing song. Brutal !!! Perfect band :)
  4. Is it a song for Eurovision reassure me ? It's really bad, easy and tasteless ... This group has fallen so low ... just pathetic !!
  5. The best drummer is him !!! This group is really awesome !! I can't wait for the album to come out The 2 songs are excellent ^^
  6. Oh Yessss ! Epic and Brutal album ! 10/10
  7. It's your point of view. Not mine. And I don't agree with you at all. If it's a comparison game music for me is the feeling that is important.
  8. Comparing BT to Sight Unscene is like comparing a group like Lamb of God with a group that has just started ... so certainly you can enjoy another group but it's totally different. The vocal power of the singer and the emotions he manages to transmit are really great, the mixing of the album is really excellent and the consistency is present in this album. There is the aggressive side and both the soft and melodious side that make this album a masterpiece. I still have to listen to it but I am absolutely not disappointed for the moment. In my top 5 also without hesitation !!
  9. This duo is really great! I like this brutal and at the same time very melodic side that Andy manages to reproduce. Andy is an excellent singer and Nick does the job wonderfully on the guitar without falling into the demonstration, so don't underestimate them. I hope an album will be released one day !
  10. This group has acquired an increasingly impressive maturity. They know perfectly where they are going and frankly this album is really excellent. I think they haven't finished impressing us !!
  11. Again BFW offers us a quality album and continues to surprise us ! This album will be part of my top 5 without hesitation !
  12. I also agree. Boecklin brought so many good things. Now this group is tasteless. For 3 albums I must admit that I find it pitiful.
  13. I do not share your opinion at all. I find it deadly boring. No surprises, no feelings, a really bad solo ... the ease is so boring ... in short, I pass my turn once again. DD is definitely dead !!
  14. An album neither good nor bad but let's say that indeed it is really not memorable. The songs are not surprising and there is a feeling of weariness after 4-5 tracks. It's LoG, I agree, but I have the impression that now we cannot expect much from this group. They control what they do but it doesn't make me vibrate anymore. Too bad because after so much waiting I expected much better than that. An album that will soon be forgotten ...
  15. OMG is fuck*ng amazing album !!! Very perfect, brutal and groovyyyyy !! Mode Headbang actived !! Vader = Brutal Death Metal or not Thrash Metal...
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