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  1. The album is pretty good but some songs are slightly below my expectations, it's a shame. However, I will not spit on it!
  2. Since the time I'm waiting for this album, it's finally here ! Allegaeon remains for me the most talented group in his field. I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the mix of the last album. But this album is mixed to perfection ! I'm going to enjoy this album which will be for me the best of the year :)
  3. Having read the reviews of the album I really thought to take a slap, but I find the album really long is tasteless. The singer is really annoying sometimes and I admit that the first title is really too long to digest first. I will not even listen to it so much it disappointed me !!
  4. This song is really good !! The album will be solid !!
  5. I find this album really monotonous, I was bored to death. Without interest. 1/5
  6. This album is really very good, largely up to my expectations. Emotion, power, feeling, singing, mixing ... everything is absolutely enjoyable. Excellent 5/5 !!
  7. This album is fuckiiiinnng Awesome !!! The track Analogs in a Cell is very perfect !!! My note 9/10
  8. I find this piece of music really average, the group is being lost and I find it really a shame
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