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  1. As a longtime fan of hed I fear each 'new' album just brings 'old' vibes which isn't the worst thing. I'll listen to this when I miss being 17 years old. Thanks KL!
  2. I thought it would be a 'fast burn' album that wouldn't last long in the rotation but I keep discovering nuggets that keep it locked in. It's gold.
  3. The breakdown on Timebomb where Jake goes 'tick, tick, BOOOOM' is the best.
  4. It's Randy Reimann who is Jakes stepdad. He used to be in an 80's screamo band called Massappeal. Dude is screaming on his kid's record in his 50's...seems cool to me. Source:
  5. Looks like an October 16th release @Chief According to:
  6. ECO-CORE!!! Enviro-metal!!!! Yard-core!!!! I love these guys message, and the delivery is FIRE
  7. This album is a journey! The heavy Aussie bands know how to mix it up.
  8. The album gunna be gooooooooood...
  9. Fuck I'm dumb. I realised during the final song that the 2nd guitarist is Andrew Wells, the lead singer from Eidola. In my eyes this makes DGD a 'supergroup' lol
  10. Love this! It's in the key of A. The original is in D. Big risk covering such a great song, but I love this detuned version and feel it doesn't diminish the original.
  11. So curiosity got the best of me and I gave this a spin. The melodies seem forced. I struggled to give the album any more of my time because of the lead singer's behaviour.
  12. This is very good! They mix it up a fair bit.
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