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  1. This is very good! They mix it up a fair bit.
  2. I think these guys are a serious version of Twelve Foot Ninja. It's good, but not as fun.
  3. Good band! Look forward to seeing them grow. Scream Back acoustic version on youtube is cool
  4. This album was catchy AF! Thanks KL
  5. Been looking forward to this! Thanks
  6. What other bands does it sound like?
  7. I tried, no luck. Male/female singer? Singing/screaming, vocal pitch, detuned guitars, punk/heavy? I'm up for a challenge, don't have much else to do right now...
  8. Aussie Aussie Aussie! Yeeeeeeeeeew!
  9. I hear Deftones and Taproot. Love this album! Moody AF
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