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  1. These guys have been fucking crushing their future chronology, when the end began + b sides, the night god slept redux, and one of the most insane debut singles for an upcoming album. This blew my god damn mind and if you want some pure silent planet please do not return to sender, YOU FUCKING KEEP IT LOCKED IN!
  2. This man has so much emotion and intensity within his singing it's overpowering. This has to be my most favorite single for this upcoming album. I simply cannot wait for April.
  3. Would it be too much if someone said TAIM's latest album is better? Well, idk it's just how people see it in their own opinion. Lorna Shore definitely had a stronger impact and this was a little underwhelming but you know what they tried, as long as they keep their roots this time. I'd say in my honest opinion it's a 7/10, pretty average and replayable definitely, depends on if you really liked it or not. Love me to death, feel alive, and others were bangers, I just dont know if it will compete with all the modern deathcore albums. And yes I agree with @Prototype539 I honestly hated Bodysnatcher it was way too overhyped but it's not dogshit like some other bands I've seen. Anyways, thank you for the early 1 day leak man!
  4. Man, very disappointed on this project, but nonetheless, all singles were great and I really hope this isn't a sign that BAT is falling below on budget, or anything.
  5. Not my favorite thing in the world but I can get behind this, not bad AA
  6. I tried listening to it twice. You guys mention LS being "edgy" and shit, but I have that impression on this. Just cause it's been heard many times before doesn't mean its "generic", it's their material. This for me doesn't work. Sure some songs are fucking brutal but it all sounds the same, being as if its tough guy beatdown deathcore with some hardcore knocked loose vibes that doesn't work for me. This is not terrible in any way and not saying who is better than who. But this needs me to get into a little, It's how I see it. It's basic deathcore as how I remember it. But I appreciate something new every once in a while
  7. It's alright. Not the biggest fan of garage rock and shit but the garage punk style of some of the songs are pretty neat and TOTALLY not overplayed on tv lol. But I'll give it a shot.
  8. I always mistaken the name to miss may i, i know its if i may. It's just my fucked up brain. But this should be good!
  9. Wait. Is this the entire album? Or is this so far
  10. Very creative album cover.
  11. God I love the atmospheric energy in the musically in all of these songs. I'm not so disappear based on their recording, but I'm actually glad they went back to their old works and remastered them. This is simply amazing.
  12. Yeah the quality is so clunky but no matter. Least we know what we are getting ourselves into!
  13. We really didn't need this two years later
  14. A German one man band? Now this is getting weird, in a good way. Lies das Kleingedruckte nicht = don't read the fine print.
  15. You know I'm starting to question the (not in order) part of the voting. It goes from slipknot to dayseeker, top to bottom, and when we got the final votes. Well, it's the same. So like no wonder Slipknot would win. They've been at it for a long time and I think We Are Not Your Kind really shaped them in their own way. As someone who voted for Alien (even wanted Knocked Loose, and way too many to mention), this is also a well deserved aoty. Cannot wait for 2020!
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