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  1. Okay I've been a core fan for a long time and since this community loves metal and the hardcore stuff I planned to stay. More than half of the album sounds like if Blink 182 tried to go metal. It might just be me but the style is completely underwhelming and I just can't get into this band. The Lake tries to redeem it with your typical fast drums, background lyrics and verse, and then chorus. I don't get it. I have heard of these guys before but it's not my thing. You guys can keep supporting them to me its a huge turn off. The only GOOD thing I could say is some of their kickass intros and it gets ruined by shitty tunes and what not but this is just ME. The breakdowns and typical blast beats dont make up for it either. This is one of those albums where i only liked two songs that could of been singles to a decent ep but whatever. Cruise sounds delightful then the lyrics with "the cigarette hurts my lings" just got me facepalming. Over all, it's not terrible, its not perfect. I'd say its about an average album as you can get. 5/10. Please dont hate me for this. Never criticized anything like this before.
  2. Thanks dude torrents barely had all their discography
  3. I honestly stopped caring about genre changes and forced follow up albums or whatever you guys call it. Personally this album grew on me, even though the deluxe two tracks were not available on youtube and adding on a few more was a decent move but not sure how this band will move on. Bands like Blessthefall, Underoath, and The Amity Affliction all seem to have great albums (not for everybody), but i hope its not a digging further deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and actually trying to stay relevant? If that makes sense. Point driven here is music is music and bands work hard to create what they want. Not everyone should like it and people can judge by production or style or whatever. But I would like to see a bit more of a change in criticizing. Its all the same thing. Its generic, its redundant, it sounds like an architects track (wage war = bad, erra = good) which is confusing so. Heart Shaped Box acoustic just makes me think about Kurt Cobain a little too much and I really hope some bands or artist dont take too seriously about the negative impact and do things that make them happy.
  4. I liked this way more than I thought I would. Despite that I was never hyped for the new album, I do like how it was executed. Great job guys
  5. Now I wanna be corey for halloween
  6. Me when i cant stop listening
  7. I mean you have plenty of artists who take their believes not so seriously where they become a christian band, we all know oh, sleeper is christian metal and some metalcore bands before were kind of christian but that doesnt mean they have to be a christian artist to talk about christianity or religion
  8. You are probably the most reasonable person I've seen about this topic, currently. But, who are you? Never seen you here before
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