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  1. As if Danny would be a kick ass terminator or some shit than being a decent musician in AA. Also what the fuck is this
  2. For this being extremely fucking short, I am completely blown away from how constructive this turned out. Saying this as I read the title, they dont fuck around.
  3. One of the best alternative projects ive ever seen. 10/10
  4. I believe this is more of deathgrind than blackened good sir.
  5. Would love to see blessthefall 2020 as well with Grimes! Would be interesting
  6. When grimes has 320 but cattle doesnt
  7. Album of the millennium. Is this a new meme?
  8. Oh hell yeah, knew these guys would come back around sometime soon! Im stoked!
  9. This is intriguing. I'll be looking forward to these guys. Kickass
  10. Had me a while to get use to. Alright, this grinds me in the right direction (lmao). DEATHCORE JANUARY HERE WE COME
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