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  1. @NieR:Automata™ @NieR:Automata™ @NieR:Automata™ @NieR:Automata™ @NieR:Automata™
  2. No. Reminded me of Oh, Sleeper with the spoken word. Lol
  3. Slight metalcore, more christian metal. I'm just glad it was well done, I'm really happy for something to calm my stress actually. Thank you so much guys
  4. I know just memeing for shits and giggles. But totally agree with everything else
  5. *one break down* hey guys so lets compare this to aS i LaY dYiNg
  6. Oh hey another youtube metal musician. Single is dope and glad to see he's being a badass but why are these ep records like always short? Really hope for Termina to release something thats at least not a 2 single ep, like come on. Anyways definitely check this guy out, he's not so bad. Reminds me a bit of Jared Dines
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