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  1. First heard these guys on killing floor soundtrack, well, not the vocals, but it's okay. Modern metal really fits here, and props to them for trying two albums at the same time. Two different styles I guess.
  2. This feed is hilarious! Also has no one talked about Hail to the Fire and Devilcry is? Replayed many times. This band its remarkably incredible. Cannot wait to see what happens next
  3. Not as strong, but still tolerateable. I love it.
  4. By the way august burns red doing the home alone theme killed me
  5. Punk Goes Pop, Goes 90's, Goes Classic Rock, Crunk, and now this. You know what why the hell not
  6. Jesus christ these guys are insane. Definitely the kind of band I should get into. I did like their last album but I feel as if I should retry again with a better knowledge of them and I think itll be a better experience. After all I should really thank @Axe-mas'd desk for the hype because well what a badass ever since I signed up for this sight dwesk and luky were two inspirations. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST YOU KNOW THAT LOVE YOU
  7. I finally understand the hype
  8. THIS IS what I'm talking about! Good shit man
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