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  1. Now that you bring it up, I would totally see Shayley collaborating with Beau
  2. Go with that logic, Demon Hunter ripped off a 2015 album cover their entire career? Yeah, no.
  3. I honestly loved the shadow side so i cannot wait for this
  4. NOW I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THE ALBUM NAME OMG. No but in all seriousness, I love it. Nothing bad about it, well maybe in some aspects I guess but huge improvement overall. This will be my biggest hype for 2019
  5. No I get the genre and stuff but like just hearing this rn is funny as hell
  6. I think I'm starting to understand Chaotic Hardcore a little. Now time to write a paragraph long message to a friend who doesn't get the hardcore punk genres. This is killer!!!
  7. Aw man Parasite didn't make the tracklist :(. Still a solid album.
  8. When it comes to album length, I usually feel comfortable with 10-12+ bare minimum. However. For Periphery, I realise it's actually not as bad as listening to a shorter album with 7-9 tracks but longer track length. Gonna loop for a while, and check out their newest album asap
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