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  1. You know I'm starting to question the (not in order) part of the voting. It goes from slipknot to dayseeker, top to bottom, and when we got the final votes. Well, it's the same. So like no wonder Slipknot would win. They've been at it for a long time and I think We Are Not Your Kind really shaped them in their own way. As someone who voted for Alien (even wanted Knocked Loose, and way too many to mention), this is also a well deserved aoty. Cannot wait for 2020!
  2. Great casting and concept for this remake but I've been told that the writers are the ones to blame for this one. I don't blame them.
  3. One of the biggest Red fans ever, and I'm mostly excited than disappointed, and I never say that. 10 tracks is fine seems like the norm. Obviously they're gonna put some redux or different versions of songs in the deluxe but I'm glad they are back.
  4. What purpose do you have to attack someone who was wanting to enjoy some quality Squarepusher?
  5. Intelligent Dance Music? Huh. There is a loooooot of electronic music genres I have no idea about. I'm really in for a treat because Squarepusher never disappoints. also MY EARHOLES ARE ASCENDING TO THE MATRIX
  6. I'm guessing based on their twitter post, 04/06.
  7. Well. Another april release. Hell to the fuck yeah!
  8. Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal 4/3 11 tracks
  9. The Word Alive - Monomania 2/21. 12 tracks.
  10. Agreed she might do a little better off with more art-pop/electropop with a little ambient sound and maybe some metal instrumentation. Maybe she could do shoegaze, mix things up instead of just shoving shit together. Not a bad album, singles were interesting, final product needs a couple more listens for me lol.
  11. Yeah I was afraid it was gonna get worse lol
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