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  1. Oh no way a new Convictions song, oh wait......
  2. I've seen their name around a bit before, but never dived into them. I see Spiritbox vocalist does guests on track 3, so I'm fucking checking this out right god damn now.
  3. Love the vocals. Gives me that old Villains feel, fuck yes
  4. I think this album art should be the default background for kingdom leaks this week, not Emmure. Just saying.
  5. Honestly, wouldn't be surprised if these guys break up 6 months after their next album gets released. They used to be so fucking epic.
  6. oooOOO this music sounds really good!
  7. Confide was amazing. Hell, I even enjoyed the Lifelong EP a lot from 2018, but this band members just can't keep their shit together long enough, oh well Edit: just heard the single. that's gonna be a nope from me.
  8. I said it on the other single, but in case anyone missed it, I said that if you're a We Came as Romans fan, you should love this cuz this single is great. It's very familiar and enjoyable, I'm definitely onboard for more! Hopefully an EP or something soon!
  9. Definitely if you're a We Came as Romans fan, you should love this.
  10. I couldn't really get into these guys after Fortress. That single is decent, but I have to force myself to listen to this to maybe enjoy it. Probably just not my thing anymore, but fuck it if Keiza wasn't a masterpiece
  11. I get a feel between The Devil Wears Prada and old Oceana vibe with this song. Not a huge fan of the way the vocals sound and the mix sounds a bit off, but if they had a better producer and the vocalist improved his range or style just a little bit more, I could see this band really cracking it wide open.
  12. Funnily enough, I had actually deleted .Anon from my music library just earlier today cuz I honestly didn't like it, couldn't force myself to like it, and just couldn't get into it. And yes, their first 3 albums are amazing. But this new "direction" is nice, but it's a far cry from why I listen to them.
  13. Waiting patiently for the WebRIP to be updated to 320
  14. SlimJim's account was literally created like 40 minutes ago at the time of writing this, so there's no way you "always" read their comments in any threads. If you're not gonna be nice, then at least quit your bulshit. Also, this EP kicks ass and I hope Part II is just as good.
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