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  1. Saw Sunsleep with Royal Coda and Andres last year. Amazing show, amazing band!
  2. I'll definitely fuck with this for a good month :-)
  3. I wanted to add to this, but you already said everything I was gonna say. Alpha Wolf EP is good. Dealer EP is AMAZING.
  4. Didn't think song come out over a week ago? Pretty sure I had got it from this site too lol, Hmmm. Anywho amazing song! This band should definitely be way bigger!
  5. Damn that Youtube single is fucking filthy, I need to shower twice now
  6. Could never get into their older stuff before (loved Despised Icon tho), but I gotta admit I am diggin this song!
  7. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS! Screams are reminiscent of Harp & Lyre, but the music is heavy djenty atmospheric gold
  8. If I didn't watch the video, I would have thought the vocalist was a female. Gonna be a hard pass for me though, not into the vocals or production of this at all. I'm sure someone will definitely like this tho.
  9. wait, what happened to their vocalist that was on the original debut LP?
  10. You did it again @HeistMonkey121 another banger fellas!! :-D
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