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  1. It sounds like a cross between Architects and Erra and that's not a bad thing. And it's got guest vocals from Erra and For the Fallen Dreams, and I love both those bands, so will be checking this EP out for sure. Single is a banger btw, altho some of the cleans could use a little work.
  2. Thank you! That last acoustic song posted "Erase" was dope, super happy to have a few more!
  3. First EP was dope af. Singles were dope af. I expect this to be dope af as well!!
  4. Their Spirit Vessel EP from 2018 was stellar, I had that EP on repeat for months, highly recommend anyone checks that out. But I don't know if there were any member changes or not, but I just couldn't get into this one, it didn't feel or sound the same as their first incredible EP.
  5. Hot damn, ANOTHER great band from Japan! Don't sleep on these guys!
  6. Here Comes the Kraken have been around for a long time, since at least 2009, and in that time they've released 2 albums, one decent debut, and one sophomore album slump. Almost ten years, and two albums. Meanwhile, Fit for an Autopsy has been around since about the same time, have put out 5 albums, and the last two of their albums have greatly been considered their best work, not my opinion btw, but the community's in general. Fit for an Autopsy are extremely relevant, meanwhile Here Comes the Kraken have a super kick ass band name, but that's about it.
  7. *plays single* Meh *goes back to playing Fit for an Autopsy*
  8. Having not heard of these guys until their 2018 album, they absolutely blew me away. Then their 2019 EP blew me away again, surprisingly even more. Some of the most rocking, banging, catchy, and hardore music I've ever heard. So happy these guys are making more music! Don't sleep on this!
  9. Holy fuck this is beautiful! I'm not crying, your crying!! It's like a Swedish version of Envy, so if you're a fan of something like that, then definitely give this a listen. Truly a beautiful album.
  10. This album literally put me to sleep. This album gives me the same feels as the sophomore effort by Thousand Below and I know how much of a let down that was. Ah well, I can still wake myself up to bands like Above, Below, Thornhill, Like Moths to Flames, Fit for an Autopsy, Jinjer, Foxblood, Northlane, Void of Vision, The Gloom in the Corner, Diamond Construct, Forgetting the Memories, #12 Looks like You, Oh Sleeper, and hell even the new As I Lay Dying. This Sleep Token album was obviously not made for me. But just because my opinion isn't like everyone else's on this album doesn't mean I need to be considered like some pariah. This album just didn't do anything for me. Other than that, hope y'all have a great weekend, cheers!
  11. My anus is like when theater curtains open up
  12. I hated this band for quite a few years. Then I allowed them into my life and they got under my skin. Some of it is meh, some of it is amazing, and some of the rest has true potential. I think this band could really excel if anyone else besides Ronnie wrote the lyrics cuz they are kinda the same throughout each album. But all in all, I dig this band very much, it's been a bit of a guilty pleasure, but these new singles have kicked some ass! Looking forward to more for sure!
  13. Absolutely loved their 131 album, but their last effort Peach Club wasn't quite on par with that release. This single seems to me like they are mixing them a bit together which I think is good, but I still think they are missing something. It's just not quite as catchy or emotionally moving like some of their earlier work. Still a good track nonetheless though, but I fear they might've already peaked.
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