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  1. That single was such a banger, and this does not disappoint either, wow!
  2. Don't know what crack the two above me are smoking, but this song is dope and Like Moths to Flames always put out quality tunes.
  3. This release is WAY better than Thousand Below's new album btw! Thank you for crushing it fellas!!!
  4. Absolutely loved their debut, I jammed out to it non stop for a good year, I could never get enough of the aggression and the raw emotion and the screams and the cleans were just stellar. Not a bad track on that album. This new album however....oof I gave it 5 full listens. It put me to sleep. It bored me. I felt very little for this album. Sure there are definitely a few solid standout tracks here, but does it have the last power to keep me listening to it for a year? Fuck no. I doubt I'll be spinning this ever again in a week, it's that fucking forgettable. Really a shame, this band still has a shit ton of potential, but this second album clearly missed the mark. I never skip songs half the time, but most of these songs don't even build up, it's just soft rock for 3 and a half minutes.
  5. He does it cuz he's desperately seeking attention. Just ignore them, they don't know how to play nice with others which is just very sad.
  6. It's been like 4 or 5 years since I heard anything from this band! But their last two EP's fucking crushed it! Glad to hear the singer again, but it's not the same as previous material, something about the mix feels off and low.
  7. i fucking love this dude. great music. good vibes. puts on a hell of a live show. wears a dragon ball z t shirt and hangs out with fans. class act as far as i'm concerned!
  8. I don't want to like this.........but I do! :-P
  9. Feels like a really bad Falling in Reverse B-side LOL
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