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  1. If anyone was voluntarily stuck under a rock six months ago when they released their album The Sea of Tragic Beasts, you seriously need to go back and give it a listen, that album made me a fan of them. Fucking amazing I was actually jamming out to it just earlier this week while walking my dog.
  2. Their debut album came out not even a year ago and I jammed the heck out of it. It was a super fun and catchy album. Kinda gives me Get Scared vibes. If you need some tracks to see if you might like these guys, I'd recommend checking out the songs Decay and Bled from their debut. Decay is a catchy metalcore style song, and Bled is probably their hardest song on the album. But this band is pretty diverse and definitely has the talent. I think this band definitely got slept on last year, but it's worth checking out for any post hardcore/metalcore types.
  3. Wow, this is like some super, super progressive metalcore, judging from that youtube link, like damn it almost sounds like a completely different genre /s
  4. Can't believe it's only been 6 years since A Spark to Believe was released. Personally for me, that feels like a lifetime ago, I was in a different state, in a different relationship, life was not going my way at that time in my life. But for anyone curious, top tracks from that album if you haven't heard it before are "I've got a Five Point Plan" and "Chasing Dreams" I kinda wanted to leave some of the past stuff in the past, but since everyone thus far has been rather open minded and positive about this, I think I owe it to myself to give this a spin. Thanks KL community
  5. Dang, really this was more than 4 tracks, this is incredible post hardcore!
  6. Woah, this takes me back. I believe they even had a full length album out too after this.
  7. Damn, I remember downloading this EP right after I moved. Can't believe it's already been almost a year now! EP is definitely good stuff in case y'all missed it.
  8. oh im curious for more for sure! that ending fucked me harD!
  9. Anyone else's first thought was Kingdom of Giants?
  10. Ohhh this music sounds really good! I just listened to that youtube single and I wasn't super sold the first two minutes in, but after the halfway mark, they completely changed up their style and I was like woah wait a minute is this still the same band? I immediately hit the download link and will give this a spin for sure. Besides, I'm a huge fan of bands from Japan like Crystal Lake, Earthists, A Crowd of Rebellion, etc and I think I'm gonna be adding these guys to that list as well!
  11. This EP made me fall in love with nu-metalcore. top tier band from Australia, literally every song crushes it.
  12. Been out for 6 months now, anyone still jamming to this? I think I played it like two weeks ago. It's good, but I don't think it's lasting.
  13. It's just him saying, "don't want you" over and over for 3 minutes, good grief. Their debut kicked a lot of ass and I enjoyed it a ton. Lame duck lyrics aside tho, the vocals sound fine and more mature, but it's rather monotonous and super repetitive, no long lasting replay value here for me. The outlandish unnecessary rock ballad guitar solo at the end, was just that, unnecessary. Is this song a fun listen? Sure. Is this a song more than that? That's a pass from me dawg.
  14. mmmmmmmm this music is really good mmmmmmmm
  15. I enjoyed watching that video, cool shit bros
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