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  1. What are the name of the 5 songs so I can look up the ones that are already released? Thanks!
  2. Eat Sleep Repeat and You Are My Sunshine were my personal favorites. I couldn't even get into Ixora, it just felt different and off. I gave that single a listen and it just felt like Ixora v2.0 Am I missing something? It just doesn't feel like the Copeland I liked from a decade ago.
  3. No hate man, you like what you like! Also, you're wrong! JK, glad you enjoy these guys, I've liked all their past albums, I'm worried about this one since the clean vocalist left, but I'll keep an open mind and give it a fair chance!
  4. I've already failed No Nut November for this
  5. If you like Shrezzers watered down and without atmospheric jazz, then boy is this album for you!
  6. I'll have to play this through the week to really get a feel for it, but so far I can dig it!
  7. I'm gonna like this just like I liked the new Shrezzers!
  8. Not a single comment yet has even mentions how good/bad the acoustic track is. LOL you guys
  9. This is weird. Interesting, but weird. Interested to hear more.
  10. Her name is Christina Rotondo, she has her own youtube channel by the same name. She does a lot of acoustic covers of post hardcore/metalcore bands like Bring Me the Horizon or The Amity Affliction, which I think she does a really great job. Worth checking out if acoustic covers are your thing. This song is pretty good too.
  11. Don't sleep on this, it's a great release!
  12. Shit. Fuck. Damn. THis is really good. I was sensing a little Confide in their too for some of the screams
  13. That's The Spirit Part 2, But Better.
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