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  1. Great song, can't wait for more! Also, cover art reminds me of this! =P
  2. Their album that came out in March 2020 was great! This track is another great one to add to the list!
  3. It's kind of like a Japanese version of Periphery meets Erra mash up with a tiny bit of Crossfaith
  4. FFO: The Amity Affliction, Make Them Suffer, and Northlane
  5. I'd say this is my 4'th favorite Fit For A King album.
  6. I thought this was Scarlet, metalcore band from old Spitfire vocalist, who last had an album back in like 2006 called This was Always Meant to Fall Apart, that is still one of my top 5 albums of all time. This Scarlet band isn't that so naturally now I am very sad and disappointed. LOL, Ah well!!
  7. Anyone else here that just never got into them after Creatures?
  8. Grief and Mercy Sleep was one of my top albums of 2019. Played it all the time and their 2020 EP of redux songs from that album is honestly just as fucking good. But truthfully, I don't know what the fuck this new song is. Like.....I just...I dunno. They lost something. If this is their new direction, I don't think I'm gonna be hyped for it.
  9. Oli, breakdowns, heavy BMTH, and gay robots? Who would have thought that would have been a winning fucking formula? This single kicks so much ass I didn't even know what to expect going in, but I'm hyped as fuck now!
  10. God damn it, their last album was so much fun, but so forgettable at the same time for me. I haven't played it hardly at all since the month it came out. This alternate track is pretty dope though, I'll be adding it. Hope these guys can keep it together and really bring it back to something truly amazing and timeless. Perhaps I might be expecting a bit much!
  11. This is pretty decent, but definitely has some crazy potential!
  12. Like the person above me said, this song is unexpectedly good! Also, this song does feature Jon Deiley who is one of the main song writers for Northlane, so don't sleep on this sick Canadian band!
  13. Love the artwork, pretty sweet song too, a 5 song EP of this stuff would be choice.
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