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  1. saw these guys in concert about 2 years ago when they got back together. needless to say it was a fucking epic show. awesome dudes too. can't wait for more holy shit!!!!
  2. Some days I'm full of love, and some days I'm lacking love, but I guess you caught me on a good day! You're comment was very civil as well so I didn't feel the need to jump at your throat. Thanks for the respect, it goes both ways!
  3. Vocals kick fucking ass. Forgot how awesome I enjoy those deep and dark screams!!
  4. No worries man disagree all you need no hard feelings, but as I stated before in my post above about them being on their deathbed, I did not mean career wise, but possibly for me as a listener because my ears are not a huge fan thus far. The ears like what they like.
  5. Sounds like The Devil Wears Prada is dying. Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan of them since the first album and for many many years, but after that album with that song where they sang all the cities around the world, omfg they ruined the word TOKYO for me. Personally loathed that song more than any other. This new song is okay, but it just sounds like Mike can't scream anymore so he's changing it all up which is fine I got nothing against change, but it sounds like TDWP is on their deathbed. I don't mean that in a career sense, but more in me as a listener. I'll check this album out, but I'm gonna have to go in with no expectations, so I'm gonna avoid any new singles cuz who knows I could be totally dead ass wrong and this be one of their most memorable albums. Only time will tell!
  6. KL: some weird shit me: huh, what?! KL: SOME WEIRD SHIT Me: (plays song) Oh ok I get it now!! ^^
  7. Can't wait for their new album to drop next month! I still play their last EP often. Definitely a band worth checking out if anyone hasn't already!
  8. That's cool everyone likes these guys, but I dunno why I just can't get into this band like at all, sorry for being a bit negative =/
  9. I'll give this a spin. Dunno how long I'll enjoy this, been jamming Young Medicine like crazy this week! Don't sleep on that album!
  10. my brain this morning read that as "but I agree with all ur pants" LOL
  11. Most of the band members reunited and started a new band called Lifelong, which is more or less a Confide 2.0. The Lifelong EP came out just last year I believe
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