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  1. I honestly wasn't expecting anything with this track. Then I saw it was from the Dreambounds Youtube channel and was like aiight, I'll at least listen to the first minute and see what I think. Well It's been on repeat 5 times now. This is a great track, I personally love the dual(?) overlayed vocals a lot. Definitely keeping these guys on my radar!
  2. I actually first read separating the art from the artist from @neebnoob18 who said it just a few days before you did :-P
  3. Bro, calm down it's free tunes, chill, be chillllllllllllllll
  4. This is gonna go past a lot of peoples radar, but it's a must listen to!
  5. Ah.....THE WORD ALIVE......where each release you guys make me like you just a little bit less each time.........sigh
  6. I'm getting Aviana vibes mixed with Invent vibes, maybe possibly a lil bit of Diamond Construct vibes thrown in there too? I dunno. Not as top tier as their last two albums (both masterpieces), so this album has too much hype to live up to. It's still gonna be a solid as fuck release though, but to those naysayers that think this stinks, you haven't even given the whole album a chance. Personally, I think they should've found a more diverse vocalist, but this guy is still new, his first album might be pretty good, but if he can find his true center with the band on the album after this one, it has the potential to be epic, but I think more than anything this album will be like a solid 8/10, just missing that top tier feel.
  7. Heard someone on here say before that they are able to separate the art from the artist. With the controversy that this band has had lately, I'm gonna try to use that advice to enjoy this album because before all the shit went down, those singles were pretty fucking epic.
  8. Single gave me some Hollow Front vibes. I'll give this a spin thanks!
  9. oh fuck me, this is a pleasant surprise! this is really good
  10. I played the crap out of EVE when The Afterimage released that. It was a time in my life when I started taking sobriety seriously, and having those tunes while on the drive around town helps immensely. Earthshatter is different, but also same same, and I can dig it!
  11. If you like Yuth Forever (aka Villains), or VCTMS or Sworn In or Still_Bloom or Animal, you'll love this. Edit: Forgot to mention, Kyle Medina is from Bodysnatchers, John Matalone is from VCTMS, but James Lewis I'm not sure what he's from.
  12. Deceiver is still to this day my most played album. Sadly I don't see this album changing that in the slightest. The single is alright, I mean I do like the screams towards the end are great, but the music itself? It doesn't feel dynamic, it feels flat. This whole song feels like a band that's trying too hard and not trying at all at the same time and that doesn't even make sense! I'll probably do what I did with their last album when this one comes out. Play it every day for about a month and then NEVER bother with it again.
  13. Damn it, I'm late to the game, but I just found this out from y'all posting their discography and it's flipping amazing, thanks for this! It totally satisfies the void in my life from Devil Sold His Soul
  14. I think perhaps I didn't quite make my point clear. For all the shit Jonny Craig gets and does for being a douche (and rightfully so he's scum), there are others out there just as bad and worse. The point was trying to put all that into context.
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