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  1. green day is my all time favorite band, but that cover is fucking garbage. the verse's aren't great but the rest of the song is fine. definitely overshadowed by Weezer's gem.
  2. this is amazing. so may 15 of this year? like 4 months ago?
  3. i understand that, but i always thought artists delayed CD releases to the next week to avoid leaks (because some stores put out stuff early or employees leak it) edit: to clarify, i'm talking about leak-conscious and more of the "surprise release" releases. i know most artists don't delay physical copies.
  4. you mean like every album every week that leaks days ahead of time? she has a CD release as well. its weird that it hasn't leaked in regular quality yet.
  5. has no one seriously leaked the normal 320kbps yet?
  6. man this record is a stunner! so solid! Catching Fire is gorgeous. Turning Away is another gem. A+ Sums.
  7. well thats terrible. sounds like Imagine Dragons, modern Fall Out Boy and OneRepublic put together.
  8. can someone post the Death Cab for Cutie and Jack White Spotify Singles too please? Thanks!
  9. The Voidz - Virtue The Longshot - Love is for Losers Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed? Muse - SImulation Theory Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour The Vaccines - Combat Sports MGMT - Little Dark Age Kendrick Lamar - Black Panter Soundtrack Death Cab for Cutie - Thank You For Today
  10. the new 320 version of this is only playing the first 53 seconds of every song on both Pass The Leaks and Zippyshare
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