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  1. I told myself that I listen to Spiritbox for a while now, I'm definitely ready for this. I wasn't ready.
  2. Messiah Complex: The Mountain, but this time on more drugs
  3. Each single they released is really good. I was hyped for the album to begin with, but now can't wait for it to come out.
  4. I was smiling from ear to ear and when the black metal part came in. I do love great twists in music and that was so unexpected, it completely threw me off guard.
  5. A Depth That No One Dares might be their best song up to date. Cannot wait to spam everyone to listen to this album cause it's a fucking banger.
  6. Idk, it's too soft, i guess? I like it, but i expected something a bit more heavy after the singles. For sure needs more listens.
  8. The vocals are fine but the track would've been much better without them.
  9. They announced a hiatus around 2014 i think. They came back last year.
  10. It's cool, still needs a few more listens to fully enjoy it. One thing that bugs me is that Harvest sounds like a christmas carol, and i hate carols. Other than that, nice album overall, it has your Nightwish but it tries to blend in some other cool stuff like synths that aren't your average symphonic metal bells.
  11. I'm only at the solo and i can tell this song is gonna be good
  12. Start with The Tide, the Thief & River's End
  13. I missed them. They are one of the first bands that introduced me to prog and this song hypes me so much for the album. Fuck yes.
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