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  1. Many thanks We'll work more on the vocals, this time the recording was a bit hurried
  2. As for now, we're planning an EP for the next year. We'll see how things go. We know for sure that we'll release another single in december
  3. Also, to be more specific, melodic metalcore
  4. To me this album feels so god damn nostalgic, i love it
  5. If Clairvoyant was the cocoon, then this is the butterfly.
  7. Already listened to it, couldn't resist the temptation
  8. It gets better, hope sometimes it will be only smiles (yes, i intended that pun)
  9. Is it a good 128 or should i wait for the 320, cause i'm god damn tempted.
  10. The fucking breakdown on "Forgivness Is Weakness", fuck me sideways. Fuck. This shit's so good. I haven't listened to Whitechapel before (only a few bits of songs here and there) but Third Depth sold me on checking this out. Now i'm gonna listen to everything Whitechapel ever released, thanks.
  11. It sounds nice i guess. I think it need a few more listens to get used to it. The full album sounds really nice actually. Yes, it's not that technical as the other albums but it's not bad either. They tried experimenting with new things, this is good. Bands should do this more often. Hope they will top this on with the next release
  12. Yep, as Devin as it can get. Christmas movie soundtrack? check Sitcom music? check Elevator music? check Choir? check Animal sounds? check Overall epicness? check check check check
  13. Is it only me or there is Owen Wilson's "wow" on S2N at around 4:01?
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