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  1. You know what? So many people say they suck now cause they went softer but by this point, i love this band so much that i'll listen to anything they release and still enjoy it. Yes, this might be different from what they established themselves as, but their new sound is more intimate. Loved all the singles so far and i'm damn hyped about the album, even if it's gonna be a full album with only Eurovision songs
  2. The thing is that this album is an album full of covers, and most of them are nu-metal.
  3. The album is not out yet. Maybe these two singles are the only softies. After all, the ending track is a 11:22 minutes of a song, i don't think that one's going be this soft. It would be really boring otherwise.
  4. Many thanks We'll work more on the vocals, this time the recording was a bit hurried
  5. As for now, we're planning an EP for the next year. We'll see how things go. We know for sure that we'll release another single in december
  6. Also, to be more specific, melodic metalcore
  7. To me this album feels so god damn nostalgic, i love it
  8. If Clairvoyant was the cocoon, then this is the butterfly.
  10. Already listened to it, couldn't resist the temptation
  11. It gets better, hope sometimes it will be only smiles (yes, i intended that pun)
  12. Is it a good 128 or should i wait for the 320, cause i'm god damn tempted.
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