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  1. Isn't the main riff from Tourniquet the same as Grotesques riff, but slower? Anyways, this EP made me scream of joy, this is so good.
  2. Is it me or Delain releases new music very often? Like, whenever they announce a new record or EP, the one before that is still fresh in my mind.
  3. At first i was like "i wished they did something a bit more risky this time" then they hit me with a breakdown. How can you not love them?
  4. I simply love it. I was really hoping they won't stop doing music (they announced a hiatus a year or two ago). Just a cool song overall
  5. Didn't expect them to release new music after their latest album. I think Chris held them back in some way (i know, we all liked how Chris sang, but we also know that he liked drama). Maybe this is why Phornesis came out a bit stale when it came to lyrics and vocal lines. But this is good, welcome back boyz
  6. This was unexpected. As anything that's Spiritbox, it fucking slaps
  7. Fancy guitars: check Bells and chimes: check Sax solo: fuck yeah, check This is nice
  8. Also the solo on that big boy. Robin does such an amazing job
  10. FUCK YES, been waiting for this for some time now
  11. You know what? So many people say they suck now cause they went softer but by this point, i love this band so much that i'll listen to anything they release and still enjoy it. Yes, this might be different from what they established themselves as, but their new sound is more intimate. Loved all the singles so far and i'm damn hyped about the album, even if it's gonna be a full album with only Eurovision songs
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