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  1. Is it only me or there is Owen Wilson's "wow" on S2N at around 4:01?
  2. Damn nice song but damn freaky cover. I like it
  3. Why are the latest covers so lame? Like they did this one in MS Paint
  4. I still cannot get over the fact they memed a typo
  5. Is it me or the vocals are not bad by their nature, but because of the mix? The voice seems kind of burried in the mix
  6. Damn, that Memento Mori strings part. I'm not crying, you're crying
  7. The chorus is so similar to Sacrificed Sons and the intro is kinda weird but the acoustic part is nice. It's ok, maybe a grower
  8. I'm seriously impressed. It's better then their last albums (The Discovery stil is the king). Too bad it's so short.
  9. That's fucking haunting. Really good, really looking out for the album to see if it tops in any way Songs From The North I, II & III
  10. Uhm, i might be in the minorty here but i really don't get the hype around her. I saw people praise her and i cannot figure out why. She can play guitar, cool. She plays somewhat sloppy, her vibratos and legatos seem really shaky and her playing seems somewhat spastic. Also, the song linked is a mess compositionaly , it seems it's just guitar noodling without a direction. I might miss something, if so, please, do tell.
  11. I think they'll release a 5 song EP. Look at the lines at the bottom of the cover art, they seem to add another one with each song released. So far, we have 3 and you can see that in the space left, only 2 more could fit.
  12. The lyrics hit so hard. I need to reassemble myself emotionally after listening to this album. There is not a song i don't like, i really love everything about this album. It clearly shows that this is their response to Tom passing, i can even recognise some referrences to tracks on AOGHAU ("do you remember when you said to me/ my friend, hope is a prison" in Gone with the Winds vs. "if hope is a prison, then maybe fate will set me free" in Damnation). 10/10, would listen again, and again, and again, and again.
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