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  1. Their last album was my favorite death metal album in a while, so I'm super super excited for this.
  2. Damn this had me until the singing lol
  3. This album was so important to forming my music taste as a kid
  4. Interesting idea, I'm excited to see how it sounds, I'm a huge Death fan
  5. I'm surprised Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard isn't on this (and kinda sad about it)
  6. This album and their last one are seriously so good. They just casually over shadow 90% of every other extreme metal band and have been doing it so long too.
  7. @TheEmpire86 unrelated, but the gif in your signature syncs up to Daft Punk's Around the World really well lol
  8. But... where's Mars Argo? but in all seriousness now that she's finally parted ways with techtonic sink hair good for her
  9. The word "Disaster" is written in the "XXII Ultimate Black Metal" font. There's no meaning behind this comment just surprised I recognized it.
  10. First they break up, then come back, then say they're gonna change their name. What is the truth?
  11. I feel like you don't even need to say "(Cover)" in the title because it's going to be assumed it's a cover with this band lol
  12. JME has always been one of my top grime artists so I'm excited for this
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