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  1. wow good pop in 2019 is hard to find but charli has nailed it. kinda wish she would nail me too though LOL
  2. wow im so excited to hear this! i love chelsea and all of her past works, beyond underrated songwriter
  3. uhhhhh i have no idea what to feel about this
  4. if the album is anything to go by with this single then we have got one hell of a listen on 30th august. simply amazing
  5. This is a weird direction for them but i kind of like it? I think it will take a few listens to properly enjoy though
  6. idk man i liked her going off into the industrial sound. im glad shes coming back with this sound, but i still enjoyed her last album an awful lot
  7. loved the last album, excited for this new one! love the single so far
  8. this is definitely one of (if not my absolute) favourite albums so far this year. every song is amazing, not a single song that i would skip. I would have to say that my favourite is probably anchor at the moment, could even be their best album by them in my opinion
  9. wow chris brown comes back with even more garbage music. what a surprise
  10. this was everything i asked for and more, damn i love this so much
  11. have liked every single song released so far and this is just as good, very different but so good. this record should be real good
  12. thanks! loved the singles, cant wait to listen to the album
  13. Not as good as flower boy or cherry bomb but a solid album from tyler. it feels so all over the place, its kind of like a load of cherry bomb throwaways. i still enjoy a fair few songs, mainly being: i think, a boy is a gun, puppet and whats good. Just wish it didnt have so much filler in it otherwise it would be up there with cherry bomb
  14. wow now THIS is good slipknot. looking forward to the album now for sure
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