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  1. i saw the huge spiel they sent but i didn't read anywhere about the album getting an official-ish release? only that they were gonna give us what they can and this is all they can
  2. they are gonna give refunds but only partial refunds apparently, as they spent most on the album
  3. wow i never actually thought this day was going to come, still dont believe it tbh Edit: where does it say the album will release officially next week? It's been so long ive been out of the loop lol
  4. not what i expected, enjoyed it but didn't LOVE it, time will tell how i feel about this
  5. i dunno man im not a fan of all the usage of blast beats on the album, love the rest of the drumming but not huge on the amount of usage of it, never been a blast beats boi
  6. real solid album. some songs are gonna need a few listens, and not sure if im a huge fan of the drumming, time will tell if it gets in my top 3 trivium albums
  7. reminds me more and more of shogun style the more singles we get, love it
  8. this is a fantastic album. has a very nu wave feel to it and it works very very well
  9. wow good pop in 2019 is hard to find but charli has nailed it. kinda wish she would nail me too though LOL
  10. wow im so excited to hear this! i love chelsea and all of her past works, beyond underrated songwriter
  11. uhhhhh i have no idea what to feel about this
  12. if the album is anything to go by with this single then we have got one hell of a listen on 30th august. simply amazing
  13. This is a weird direction for them but i kind of like it? I think it will take a few listens to properly enjoy though
  14. idk man i liked her going off into the industrial sound. im glad shes coming back with this sound, but i still enjoyed her last album an awful lot
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