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  1. The vocals are great like always, but I wasn't really impressed by the song overall tbh. Also this reminds me way more of That's the Spirit than Sempiternal, if we are still talking about the BMTH comparison.
  2. It samples this song (mostly the chorus) by the amazing and underrated pop artist Dagny.
  3. Thank you! can't wait to listen I love them Edit: Guilty is a fucking banger!
  4. I love this, no one can do better acoustic renditions than her.
  5. Wow the vocals are incredible!
  6. Yes, all the singles are amazing. can't wait to listen to this! Edit: I think it's better than Emotion. my favorites beside the singles are Happy Not Knowing, Everything He Needs, Automatically In Love, Real Love.
  7. Basically the whole internet tbh, they only knew HT and Meteora because they were massive back in the day. but actually for me since MTM LP became a way better band.
  8. LOL, A Thousand Suns is a fucking masterpiece just saying. This song is ok. I love the pre-chorus especially.
  9. Never really was a big fan of her, but I always thought that her music was like unqiue and different. the majority of this album sounds like generic pop without any personality.
  10. Dissolution was great, can't wait to check this out.
  11. This is a retro inspired song done right, the best one she released so far.
  12. Only listened to the first song yet and holy fuck? Jon Mess been completely on fire! Usually not so into heavier stuff like this, but Mess screams always give me eargasm.
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