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  1. Damn the main riff is amazing, especially when it becomes heavy at the end. Great song overall, DGD never disappoint.
  2. Really good especially when that beat kicked in, looking forward for the new album!
  3. pink lightning is clearly better but this amazing too! Megan kinda sounds really different here.
  4. Someone really needs to tell her how completely forgettable this trap pop thing is.
  5. My second favorite album ever! perfect is big understatement. The 5th anniversary is in 3 weeks and it still sounds more fresh than anything released recently.
  6. Still nothing officially confirmed yet, but I think yes. it's probably called "WOMB".
  7. The long wait was so worth it, it's incredible
  8. My least favorite from the singles so far (which all aren't that good either). Anyway still looking forward for the new album.
  9. So good!! I love every single song, my favorites beside the singles so far: I'm Sorry, Where Are You and Play With Me Cos I Can Take It.
  10. Yes can't wait to listen to this thanks! all the singles has been incredible. One of the most unique and exciting new bands right now.
  11. Yes, the album is gonna be amazing!
  12. Limits is fantastic, one of my favorites on the album now. Come Undone is nothing special unfortunately.
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