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  1. Absolute banger! I love the catchy synth riff especially.
  2. Where's the second single "Blinding Lights"?
  3. Never could get into her, and all the stuff I've heard from this album are no difference.
  4. While I love their fresh sound I wished there were more heavier songs like Gods, there's too many of the mellow and slow stuff for my taste. Also Jaws really should have been on the album too. Overall really great album. Favorites so far: Gods, Higher, Sugar, The Offering and Dark Signs.
  5. Ah yes, my queen is finally got posted here.
  6. Nice pop rock stuff, but can't come even close to the intense and emotional sound of their fist two albums (just like the other 2 EPs).
  7. Fuck me up this is incredible! heavy, catchy, interesting. THIS IS BMTH!
  8. She made the whole thing completely by herself on livestream btw. A good album but could have been way better with more time. Now I hope she would stop playing Grimes sidekick and start caring more about her own career.
  9. It's so messy and all over the place. I wish Johnny never started rapping, he's really bad at it tbh. Definitely my least favorite HS album.
  10. Oh this is great! really experimental compared to most stuff on Post Traumatic.
  11. Can't wait to listen to the Nothing But Thieves feature, two of my favorite bands in one song.
  12. Chorus is kinda meh but the rest of the song is great.
  13. Holy shit, The Sky Is Red is fucking mindblowing!!
  14. Yes! can't wait to listen to Nightmare in HQ. EDIT: The whole thing is amazing! Pop or not they always make incredibly catchy music.
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