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  1. Amazing wow! this is pop at its best, not a single bad song. Also obviously way better than her debut. Favorites: basically everything on the first half + Hallucinate and Good in Bed.
  2. Great album, clearly better than his last filler filled two albums (which still have incredible highlights). In Your Eyes is one of the catchiest songs I've heard this year.
  3. The another eternity haters will eat both up (especially peacefall) . But yeah AOTY is coming.
  4. Yes! love the djenty riff. Just discovered this band couple of weeks ago, they're amazing!
  5. Holy shit this sounds so different, especially Tilian on the intro. Another amazing song, can't wait for the album!
  6. Thanks! People will probably hate this because it's not post-hardcore, but I think this band makes great pop rock too. That said this is decent sounds like an Anon b-side.
  7. How would you compare this to Haken? I've only heard one song and thought it was meh.
  8. It's good! standouts so far: In a Spiral, Let Me Down and Ceremony.
  9. After one listen this is kinda too overproduced imo (too many stuff going on at once). My least favorite from this new era so far.
  10. Holy shit a new song already? Edit: And it's a banger! this band I swear...
  11. Damn the main riff is amazing, especially when it becomes heavy at the end. Great song overall, DGD never disappoint.
  12. Really good especially when that beat kicked in, looking forward for the new album!
  13. pink lightning is clearly better but this amazing too! Megan kinda sounds really different here.
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