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  1. The chorus is amazing but the verses are really boring.
  2. Wasn't blown away or anything but it's a really enjoyable album and it definitely sounds fresh and unique. Favorites so far beside the singles (Talking Heads is by far the best song here): Details Matter, 4D and Feefall (even though it sounds exactly like an Architects song).
  3. Whoa wasn't expecting to hear something so heavy like Dethrone (a lot heavier than Malice/Hedonist from their debut album imo), and damn it bangs hard! I pretty much didn't disliked any single song (some sound surprisingly really unique). While I don't think it tops the first one vocally this one is way better. Edit: Running in Circles is so fucking catchy, I can't stop listening!
  4. Gonna wait for the 320 I guess lol
  5. Not so good like the previous singles (still need to listen to a better quality to can really tell).
  6. I really liked their last album and this is not bad too.
  7. Do you have a mp3 of the 2nd single Behave? I searched everywhere but couldn't find it.
  8. F.I.N.E. has grown on me a ton, it's so catchy! Bedroom Hymn is ok, but the last song is completely forgettable. Overall it's way better than Vol 1.
  9. Her worst album imo.
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