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  1. I definitely understand if fans are disappointed. It's like they wanted their music to be as basic and radio friendly as possible which isn't a bad thing, but memorable or exciting is barely a song here.
  2. BMTH show all the nu-metal LP wannabes how to do it right lol
  3. Thanks, one of my most anticipated albums of the year and all the singles has been great can't wait to listen! Edit: first impressions it's definitely their most diverse sound wise, some songs are pop af, some are really experimental, and of course there's their usual rock bangers but still not copy cats of their old stuff (way more synths etc). Overall amazing album that probably will grow on me even more, this band is just outstanding!
  4. Damn this band did something different? sure it's totally pop metalcore but it doesn't sound generic, I always preferred their melodic side anyway.
  5. This is so untypical for them, but it's really nice and video video is so awkwardly cute Don't think so, it's just a fun quarantine project like the acoustic version of sinew.
  6. Just finished it and it's amazing indeed, love the variety and the middle eastern influence. I clearly prefer part 1 because it's way more epic sounding but this album has Jurassic/Cretaceous which was the song that got me into them (and one of their best!).
  7. Great! can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
  8. Yungblud fucking sucks but this is another great song, good job.
  9. Whoa this bangs! way better than Real Love Song. Reminds me of Live Like Animals, it's definitely not your standard radio rock track.
  10. Sounds a lot like that radio alt. rock stuff you hear all the time, especially the guitar style and tone is far from what people would expect from HLH lol. It's not bad I guess, but it didn't blow me away or anything.
  11. I definitely prefer vocals in my prog metal but this is really nice.
  12. Fun fact: this demo was leaked since 2009, and it was never officially acknowledged from the band until now.
  13. It's catchy, but I don't hear any progression or growth in the sound of this band tbh.
  14. That Green Day album "Father of All Motherfuckers" was by far the worst album I've heard this year, it was far beyond bad lol. Also need to mention Underneath by Code Orange because of how hyped up it was, but for me it was completely terrible and almost unlistenable. Most disappointing was probably SUPERBLOOM by MisterWives. It's was alright, but far away from their other stuff imo.
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