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  1. Just heard the bonus tracks, I love them. Mike Fucking Shinoda can do no wrong!
  2. Hmm Oli Sykes sounds really different here... But for real Grimes was always meh for me, the only good thing about this is HANA (she's wayyy more talented imo). where's the fucking album girl?
  3. Damn this is great! my boy Dustin can do no wrong.
  4. Holy fuck me! the singles were fucking fantastic, my hopes are really high for this.
  5. Nothing But Thieves - What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? EP (I stan them hard, so...) Normandie - White Flag (Whoa, I never heard of them before this album and they blew me away!) Hands Like Houses - Anon. (Not so amazing like Unimagine and Dissonants but still great imo) Estrons - You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough (fantastic album, no filler) Farao - Pure-O (Nice experimental pop stuff)
  6. This is ok, nothing special imo, but I'm still looking forward for the new album. I hope Pharrell had nothing to do with it, Sweetener sucked big time because of his crappy and unlistenable production.
  7. r/Popheads going nuts for this lmao. the chorus is the only good thing about this imo.
  8. I used to like her a lot last year but everything I've heard from this album so far was generic as hell.
  9. It's ok, by far the weakest of the singles imo.
  10. I just listened to this album after hearing so many people comparing them to HLH and BMTH. and damn it's amazing! so many bangers. Edit: Oh shit I just heard their debut too, it might be even better!!
  11. Don't know how to think about those features, never could get into Grimes, I think her voice is really weak. but yeah hoping for good surprises.
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