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  1. The Congregation is an absolute masterpiece!
  2. Not bad but that drop chorus is unnecessary imo.
  3. Wished the whole song was like the last 1.5 minutes.
  4. I like it that they tried to make something different, but this is bad sorry. Hell there's no need to in the first place, both their albums are incredible.
  5. I like this but I miss the heavy and complex riffs.
  6. Good album, but not amazing like her other albums imo. Really don't like u is incredible though.
  7. If you don't like this kind of music then you probably won't like her too. Her music relate too much on 2000s "trash pop" aesthetic which isn't for everyone. I didn't like her at first too but now I love every song she has released. Also the song on the video is not her most accessible, check out Alone, Celebrity or Devil, they're amazing pop songs.
  8. Slayyyter >>> Charli XCX Easily one of the best pop projects of the year imo.
  9. Painfully generic and forgettable, that's all I can say.
  10. Amazing album! I love every single song. Perfect Machine especially is fucking epic!
  11. Just discovered this band and couldn't stop listening to them recently, they're amazing. Love this new song too, can't wait for the album.
  12. Yes! this album has amazing songs but the original mix was fucking unlistenable.
  13. Not bad, love the build up and the strings.
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