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  1. Only listened to the first song yet and holy fuck? Jon Mess been completely on fire! Usually not so into heavier stuff like this, but Mess screams always give me eargasm.
  2. Kinda late, but this album is really good. million times better than Sweetener, thank god.
  3. Not so into prog metal but I fucking love their song Catch Fire. do they have more songs like that (including this album)?
  4. Still yet to hear a good LP cover, especially all those forced nu-metal ones ugh.
  5. Oh shit, wasn't expecting something new this soon! :O
  6. Everyone can like anything they wants of course, this is only my opinion lol. I meant, she became so popular in this short time for just coping other people when at the same time more original and interesting artists are still mostly ignored (but tbf this is how good promotion/being an industry plant works, sadly). I used to like her first EP when it came out too, but I lost any interest about her music so quickly tbh.
  7. Funny how she's one of the most unoriginal and generic pop artists I can think of but still became so popular in a really short time.
  8. So fucking good, I love every song on it!
  9. I like it but the other singles were way better imo (and everything from TTS too)
  10. Same, even though I don't like the mixing on both albums, but those incredible vocals and explosive choruses are so mindblowing. this ep sounds completely forgettable compared to them
  11. What? I thought it's gonna be just a single? EDIT: hmm it sounds way poppy than anything they've done before. not sure if I like this, their post-hardcore stuff was clearly better imo.
  12. Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns (my favorite album ever!) Purity Ring - another eternity & Shrines Bring Me the Horizon - Sempiternal & That's the Spirit Highly Suspect - Mister Asylum MisterWives - Connect the Dots Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine & self titled Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else Marmozets - The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership
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