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  1. bang bang. melodies, heavyness, awesome. nuff said
  2. don't know if its too late but Messgram and Noeazy are also good Metalcore bands from south korea
  3. so I guess we all here at KL cried together. man I can't even express how that hit me. been a huge fan of this band at my starting phase to get into heavy bands, was at 4 shows of them, have 3 shirts and one snapback but lost interest over time and got into more progressive stuff. the day that accident happened made me really sad and I thought they gonna disband, the drummer lost his leg, vigil was in coma. and now they are back with that heavy hitting beautiful track man. the video tore me apart. the drummer is a legend and inspiration and I give mad props to him. I can't wait to dive back into their older stuff again and blast it until the new record comes out but I'm hyped af after this great, emotional track. TRIUMPH OVER TRAGEDY! ps. that scream at the end of the soft bridge.... GOOSEBUMPS!
  4. thank you KL for taking your time in making these things, appreciated
  5. excuse me for not knowing but what does the tag swancore stand for? ^^ really enjoyed this record btw. reminded me of DGD
  6. thanks chief!!! hype hype hype cant get over how good this record is
  7. after listening to it again and again: one of the best shikari records up there with TTTS and AFFOC
  8. never heard of this band but this record sure is tasty damn. gotta go down the rabbit hole and check the discography.
  9. these are as annoying as the previously mentioned, maybe even more. anyways, dont get me wrong, this was a great record, I really enjoyed it. just was making fun of the trend of the people on the site ^^
  10. knowing KL this instantly is aotm and aoty without listening for most people
  11. omgomgomgomg great album. one of their best records up there with shogun!
  12. was very unsure at first but after listening to the whole thing: this ia a great cover! keeping the spirit of the original and still making a nice metal cover. big props!
  13. very good stuff. the marionetts songs and tina are great. not diging the king too much tho
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