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  1. really enjoyed that record. nothing new but straight up good nu metal/hard rock (which fits them better than hardcore). fun to listen to.
  2. if this would be played on the radio i would listen to it. its great radio/mainstream rock compared to the usual stuff that goes around like Imagine Dragons. Dont understand the hate. let them change directions as they want, they are musicians which dont make music for but for themselves (and for the money)
  3. never thought i'd dig rap music but this is great @Patriiot that's pretty racist tbh
  4. becuase of the list of albums that are already in the poll my list is shortened to 2 albums: 1. Crystal Lake - Helix 2. Don Broco - Technology
  5. boiiii shit's fucking dope. can't wait for a full record
  6. great listen. Currents never dissapoint. @humbleledger you might want to check their previously released album out if you dig this sound.
  7. @Gandalfstorm you literally pointed out my 2 favourite songs on this LP buddy. Way too unrecognized imo
  8. @Bored To Death ye ye it's ok Mister, deleted it for you. Did not know that people can't even take a little dark humor here.
  9. really digging the more rap oriented songs. sounds like the one hundred with a better clean vocalist
  10. @DekinhoDesu well INK are my standards for the genre as well with old AILD and old PWD. Aeon is just random does not fit into to album at all imo. been through it now and after the 3 first songs it really gets incredibly good. but the first 3 are just bland songs with no character to me. sorry
  11. @DekinhoDesu Ice Nine Kills. I'm 4 songs in and it okay right now. Aeon was very... bland. Agony was ok but nothing compared to The Sign days. +81 was better, little like Hatred which was an awesome song.
  12. rap fits perfectly into metal music tho *irony off*
  13. don't mind me, just posting a dot so i can check on this later .
  14. Seriously this is really not a good record unfortunately. Dunno why but the vocals really were odd. The way the chorus was sung in the opener gives me headaches. Just like in Match Made In Heaven of the previous album. There are just too many of those vocals in this record. Wish it would be like Lost Forever Lost Together era, that was the perfect blend of Hollow Crown Times and All Our Gods Have Abandoned US. Seventh Circle and Doomsday are killer songs tho.
  15. Definetly one of the best pizza bands out there atm
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