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  1. This is Sooooo Good. Thanks for the upload
  2. Awesome. The Song 'Movies' is Great. Thanks for the upload
  3. I've only heard this twice. I am kinda getting into it. Worth a few more listens. Thanks for the Upload
  4. Kinda like this. I'll give it more of a listen. Thanks for the upload.
  5. Hmm. Not Sure About this yet? Its OK. Lacuna Coil version is pretty good (Give that a quick listen, if you can get around to it)
  6. Heard this last night, Sounds Goods. Thanks For The Upload
  7. ok - so at some point ages ago - i did try and listen to a few White-Chapel songs - But found what i heard, not too my liking - ( Yer i am really more Metalcore) - (Yes that's another debate to be had) So i've only hear that track Hickory Creek and that sounds Awesome - So Def going to this album a quick listening too - But i will def add that single to my ipod (yes ipod - remember those kids ) Umm so i'm not complaining - but i can't do it yet - i can't listen to anything under 192 kbps - even that quality is hard on the ears - so i will just have to wait - (but thanks for the upload)
  8. Not that it matters - but i find/like passtheleaks the best - but really anything is good as long as we get to hear/test the mp3 files we are downloading as straight forward as possible........
  9. Yep - I saw a band at the underoath concert about 2 years ago - Sleep Makes Waves - I'm pretty certain they were Austalian - Basically instrumental - The music sounded good - but a bit of screaming or a little something vocal would of been interesting mixed in maybe a song or two (i actually think they did, for one song and i think that was the song i liked most) A musical festival that was here in Australia (Soundwave) had a band ISIS (quite a few years back) - and again they were instrumental but 2-3 songs from that set they did, had a bit of Screaming and that was good. But yer i think your right LKA - some songs like this - Are fine without vocals in it............ I love this site - so many new bands/songs i have been introduced to, and may of missed out on hearing - Thanks Guys
  10. Hmm Interesting.................Sounds Good I do always question, that if any vocals were added to instrumental songs like this - if it still be as good/or even add to the song ??? eg like Joe Satriani's - Always with me always with you maybe not............. ? Thanks for the upload............
  11. I heard the song Repine (think late last year) after a few listen's - I was hooked and downloaded (Keep You (Deluxe Edition)) It was so good i end up buying that album (Great Album) (Thinking of getting it on Vinyl If $$$) - Next to Love - is ok (only liked 4 songs) Def going to give this a listen Thanks for the upload
  12. Hmm yer i like this.............
  13. I Do like This..................
  14. Been Trying to find this - What So Not & LPX - Better
  15. OH - Cool been looking for this - Once the song gets going a bit - it does get catchy - Thanks Again..............
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