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  1. can someone explain this "lossy mastered" to me. is this sth concerning the actual rip or how they produced? thanks!
  2. OH BOI! most anticipated release alongside oaa new one next month. aoty material for sure.
  3. Nothing more to say. These guys deserve all the attention!
  4. These guys going to get big. So so good.
  5. this and foxblood will probably end up in my top 3 of 2016. gonna wait for void of vision, though.
  6. this. wondered too, as i played this in my car. even hurts the ears sometimes when you play it loud. rather surprising, considering this was mixed and mastered by this periphery dude.
  7. 320 version @ get-metal..dont know if its legit though. jfyi
  8. u're about to upload man?
  9. they are a christian band right?
  10. wondering about what hes talking about, too.