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  1. Incredible record, the atmosphere on this is second to none. Tracks like Don't Go and Time to Walk Away are top tier stuff.
  2. Polaris - Death of Me Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor Enter Shikari - Nothing is True & Everything is Possible
  3. will this database of digitalbooklet contain my top posts
  4. Desk-kun with the good shit as per usual
  5. can you no just download 320 from the start
  6. For a single I was expecting something a bit more but expect it will work alright as an album track. Hopefully we might get more single out before the album which has a bit more life to it.
  7. I have been waiting for this day, the moment I can finally say something nice about DGD. People You Know is actually good and holds up alright......doesn't mean I like them though.
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