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  1. As one of the few people old enough on this site to remember when the original song came out, I am glad to see someone such as Poppy bringing this timeless classic to a new and younger audience.
  2. the emotion is sean's vocals is always top stuff, has been lacking a bit in last 2 singles so glad to see it's back
  3. the drums on this are fucking sick this album is going to be absolute carnage (in a good way) if it's all like this
  4. are you suggesting i'd expose my beautiful eyes to youtube comments
  5. has anyone tried mixing this with the instrumental version
  6. Dua Lipa last month, Carly Rae last week and Lady Gaga today Is this what people were on about when they said "the gays getting what they want"?
  7. why are you asking people who clearly have no taste
  8. is this meant to be some diss on the new the 1975
  9. I am going to have to start wearing protective glasses to protect my beautiful eyes from the stupidity of your comments
  10. I don't speak American, can you translate?
  11. Thank you for exposing the clowns who exist on this website, about time someone did.
  12. The greatest band of the last decade begins their march to become the greatest band of this decade
  13. Continue to show how insanely talented they are when a B-side is stronger than a good chunk of singles releases this year
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