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  1. who is your avi


    desk wants to know 

    1. NecRose


      send "desk" my regards, they'll never know

    2. desk


      that cunt is lying (i'm shadowmaster, he's gloomboy) @NecRose


    3. スカムです
  2. yes

    1. スカムです


      how dare you of all people leave a comment on my sacred profile 

  3. But there's a reason they don't put a 4 year old's school painting in a gallery.
  4. It's a solid metalcore album which I can't fault too much. Maybe I am just starting to bore of the genre but didn't invoke much in me. Will probably listen occasionally but can't see myself returning to this album frequently.
  5. Interesting move in sound. I hope there is variation in sound on the full LP otherwise I could see it getting boring quite quickly.
  6. Boring and weak Metalcore for children
  7. Nothing on that poll is AOTM material My AOTMs: 1. Caged Existence - The Burden of Purpose 2. Spiritbox - Singles Collection (I know this only half counts) 3. Hatchie - Keepsake Poppy - Choke was surprisingly decent as well but has been a quiet month
  8. this is some good shit thank you for posting
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